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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

22 Jump Street, good laugh

Yesterday with my classmate to watch the premiere movie 22 Jump Street, we didn't watch 21 Jump Street but the movie 22 Jump Street had us laugh from start to the end of movie. You got to sit back and enjoy the movie, even the movie is over they are many funny parts you don't want to miss out.

Jonah Hill as Schmidt, Channing Tatum as Jenko, Amber Stevens as Maya, Nick Offerman as Deputy Chief Hardy, Ice Cube as Captain Dickson, Jillian Bell as Mercedes

How Schmidt and Jenko going to team up together to find the drug dealer at the college they need to go. They need to get start by finding the guy with tattoo on his arm. They are living together in the room but things happen when Jenko found a new bff which share the same interest as him. They becomes best buddy instantly that left out Schmidt. The drug named WhyPhy, the drug that killed a student.

Funny part of movie was the giant octopus that didn't want go of Schmidt face. Another funny part of him I find is when he's fighting with Mercedes. They were having fist fighting and Mercedes try to kiss him, and she non stop teasing him fighting like a gal. Where Schmidt kept his grenade and the moment where Jenko needs to reach out to grab it. Many more, you got to watch it to know it.

The movie is rating 18 above because of many foul language, alcohol, gun shootings, etc.


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