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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

BCL BFF Makeup Party by Takaru Hiroki from Japan!

Not long ago, I attended the BCL BFF Makeup Party by Takeru Hiroki, the workshop has morning and afternoon session.  
Lovely Rane has invited to me along, we are in the morning session. 

We learn about Cool Beauty and Japanese Idol at the workshop.

They are many makeups awaiting us to try out. 

Above is what's awaiting the bloggers to have their hands on the makeups to try. 

Takaru Hiroki explains on how to use the base makeup of BCL Clear Last Natural Cover Pact.
Above is the BCL Clear Last Natural Cover Pact, 01 Natural Ocher. 

MAKEMANIA DATA GRADATION TIP SHADOW it comes in bronze brown/light brown.

Takaru Hiroki, applied the mascara for her as she is newbie in makeup.

Here's my picture before the makeup, yeah no makeup on. Bare face no makeup. It's my first time to attend makeup party.

Below picture the second is the BROWLASH EX Slim Gel, pencil liner
BrowLash Ex for the eye brow
Above picture the Volume Lash Fiber in deep pink color, 
it gives 200% Volumizing 

Above picture in middle is the Browlash Ex its in light pink, 
Waterproof yet washable

Above picture the pretty hearts you can see, it is Browlash Ex Perfect Mascara & Eyeliner. 
The first picture above is how it's look like after removing both covers of both sides. S
This is 2 in 1 Mascara & Eyeliner 
Cat eye. 

The pretty model, 
as you can see on the left she has the Cool Beauty theme,
right face is Japanese Idol theme.

Pretty model, her left face is the Cool Beauty, right side of face Japanese Idol.

Cool Beauty theme, has the defined and mature look

  • Sharp Eyebrow
  • Black Eyeliner Volume & Curl Mascara
Japanese Idol theme, has the supernatural look.
  • Soft Eyebrow
  • Brown Eyeliner
  • Volume Mascara 
  • Plus one point

Selfie with pretty model, she's friendly and goes around everyone to share her looks. 
Selfie with lovely Rane

I choose to makeup on Japanese Idol theme for the day. 

After step by step of Takaru Hiroki showed on the model, we then get hands on to try it ourselves. He goes to each place to check everyone. 

Selfie with Takaru Hiroki from Japan, he's cute right? 

I have a good time learning the makeup of the theme for the day with lovely bloggers. 
Thank you BCL Malaysia.

For more info on BCL you can also check out the BCL Malaysia Facebook
BCL Japan official website: or


  1. Interesting workshop.... I wanna learn makeup too! 😝

  2. Hi Elana, yes its very fun and interesting to learn about makeup.

  3. I like the Japanese Idol Make Up look. :)

  4. This sounds like a fun class and I love how interactive it is!

  5. hi Ahleessa, yeah a fun class to learn with bff.


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