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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Deliver Us from Evil movie review

Yesterday night, my friend and I watched Deliver Us from Evil, NY Police special officer Ralph Sarchie (Eric Bana) and his colleague investigate on crimes scenes. Sacrhie has a family, he has a wife and a six year old daughter. 
Three soldiers go for war and something happen in the tunnel they entered, one of the solders had video but it suddenly blackout and one of the soldier scream. After the war, they came back differently, they acted different and was dispelled form the military. They open a painting job together, it's more than just painting they are doing. One of them painted a wall in the zoo, he then disappeared when Sarchie enter there to find him for questioning then appears two lions. Sarchie and his colleague head to the zoo because one woman missing from there after she tossed her toddler in the ravene. 

Something about Sarchie that attracted the evil attentions?! He can hear voices and seeing things... 

In this movie my friend and I got scare twice, truly this movie is not for weak heart people to watch. 
The rating of movie 18 above because they have violence in the movie, the involvement of killing, eating flesh, etc. 
Indeed this is a good movie to watch, if you love horror movies check this out.


  1. I'm too scared to watch alone. Better not as afraid at night couldn't sleep thinking of it. Ha ha ha...

  2. hehe.. choose day time to watch then. I don't mind watch it again.

  3. I dont mind watching out of curiosity. Hehe. Used to love watching horror movie when I were younger but now I seldom watch it.


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