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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Play sands and fly kites

It's Wednesday, my dear is back to work. I am missing my toddler because he's still with sister-in-law at home town. They supposed to be back by noon but changes time to 5pm. 

At dear's home town, this school holiday we first day took son to play kite then he play some sands near beach. 

It was our happy day, with only one kite, I said that I want to have a kite too. We head to nearby DIY shop at The Store to purchase a kite. 

Yeah my kite looks so nice and it's like a big fish with a long tail. 

Below's son's kite that looks like a bird.
 The windy day help us to fly up the kites, yeah one at a time so the kite is flying high and away.
Dear's handling the kite steady to make it fly higher, then son's turn to play the kite.

Dear's busy teaching the boys how to use the tools to dig sand.

My happy toddler refused to go home after the fun play under the sun. Opps, I forgot to bring sun block on the next day to go beach as it was last minute decision by dear. No wonder both my boys are looking tan. 
My toddler crying in the car as he wants to go back to beach for play.
No worry, we'll be back on next time. 

Believe it or not, it's our first family outing on the beach. I got to chase my toddler as he's running about, he's scares of baby crabs too. Dear doesn't want him to walk further to near sea water. I grab hold of his hand to walk almost near sea water as toddler want to see close up, dear's already shouting.. come back. lol


  1. Chasing the kids is the best exercise for mummies.. haha!~

  2. hi Kylie wenn, yes good exercise. He prefers water and sands not kite. lol


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