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Monday, September 29, 2014

Shop online

My friends are busy working and seldom have time to go shopping. Even on weekends they are busy with households and family time. How often do you shop for yourself or loved ones? With Internet access, we can shop online. The website has 19 brands if clothing to choose from.

My friends have interest to shop for their loved ones, I visited the website find it user friendly and easy to browse. They provide free shipping with orders over $150, you can click on the link above for details.You can find out whether they can ship to you free or not, as I know they don't delivery to all locations.

You can shop by brand or by category, if you have friends looking to shop for pilot uniforms they can check out this website. My friends have interest to shop online as they don't have to go find parking at the mall or queue at cashier to pay.

Friends are having party ideas, they want to use the pilot theme for their party. That's why they have interest to check out the pilot uniforms online. Have you plan for this coming Christmas present? It's not too late to plan it out.

Free WondaCoffee from MYTEKSI

Who loves freebie?
I received the WondaCoffee from MYTEKSI, you can download the app to your phone.
It is free of charge to deliver to you. No kidding.
They have three WondaCoffee flavour, original, mocha and latte.
3 biscuits.

Happy International Coffee Day!

I try to get since yesterday and today I non stop trying for almost 8 times then a message to my phone says my Wonda Coffee on it's way.

For more info on the free WONDACOFFEE, click on the link to read up.

It only last until this Friday from 10am to 5pm.

It's applicable to Klang Valley, Penang, Kuching and Johor Bharu
Only 400 sets to giveaway a day, first come first serve!
It's better you click above link to find out more details.
Good luck.

Thank you. 
Sharing the coffee with my nephew, and my sister-in-law.

Blogger Award 2014 in Pak John Steamboat Wangsa Walk

If you have been following my blog, you have read of the Pak John Steamboat I attended in eCurve Buffet Outlet. Click on the link if you haven't, in eCurve outlet it is steamboat buffet but for Wangsa Walk Mall Semi Buffet Outlet.

 I parked my car in LRT Kelana Jaya, which cost RM3 parking. Then I bought ticket to LRT Sri Rampai it is just 10 minutes away walk to the Wangsa Walk Mall.

22 bloggers included myself attended the Blogger Award 2014 on 23 September 2014.

The night awaiting bloggers these premium seafood, Australia Beef Slices, and Premium Abalone Slices and more... 
 Don't forget to try their signature soup, Curry soup and Prawn soup. They are delicious...
 Halim giving his speech during the Blogger Award 2014. Who are the 3 lucky winners?

3rd place goes to MahaMahu foodie blogger, he won RM500 cash
2nd place goes to Ellie foodie/lifestyle blogger, she won RM1000 cash
1st place goes to Nadia Johari lifestyle blogger, she won RM1500 cash
Jackie from Pak John with the Chef was explaining on what is the correct way to steamboat.
Do you know that we don't need to use butter all the time?
Try place the smoked duck slices on the BBQ plate without adding any butter.
You'll be surprise! 

The night we filled tummy full before heading home.

It's a night full of fun and joy with fellow blogger friends and Pak John Steamboat for their friendly service.

One of the winners, that won the cash Prizes in the night.
Mother and son that enjoy their meal together. :D

A group photo above credit to Mohd Raful FB.
short video clip on the night 

The outlet attended above is the Wangsa Walk Mall Semi Buffet Outlet:
Lot GL-02 & FL-02,
Wangsa Walk Mall,
Wangsa Avenue,
No.9 Jalan Wangsa Perdana 1,
Bandar Wangsa Maju, 53300 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel : 603 -4141 8898/ 018-274 4889/ 018-256 4889

eCurve Buffet Outlet:
Lot LG-13A & LG-15, Lower Ground Floor, eCurve,
No. 2A, Jalan PJU 7/3, Mutiara Damansara,
47810 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Tel: 603-7733 3913 / 018-386 3139/ 018-3893139

30% Discount for Pak John Steamboat Buffet students (11am to 5pm everyday)
20% Discount for Pak John Steamboat Buffet Ladies Day promotion every Tuesday & Thursday
Birthday Eat for Free! For Pak John Steamboat Buffet (min 5 persons dining) Accepeted for before or after 3 Days of Birthday *terms and conditions apply

for more details click below links.

The night never ends as I reached home greeted by my sons.
Thank you Hai Blogger & Pak John Steamboat.
22 bloggers that attended receive a certificate and a carton of yummy steamboat 
Curious what's in the white box?
Click on the link above to see the goodie/foodie.

Friday, September 26, 2014

Resurrection S2: Quick Peak

What if someone you lost suddenly returned? The people of Arcadia, Missouri are forever changed when their deceased loved ones suddenly start to reappear, beginning with an 8-year-old American boy named Jacob Langston whose parents, Henry and Lucille Langston, claim had drowned in an accident more than 30 years ago. Chicago immigration agent, J. Martin Bellamy, finds himself caught up trying to figure out why the unexplainable is happening in Arcadia. This little town and Bellamy must now live in a new reality, but not without one more surprise: the return of Margaret Langston (Michelle Fairley, "Game of Thrones"). Margaret is the powerful matriarch of the Langston family and mother of Henry and Fred. Dead for over three decades, Margaret brings with her dark family secrets that will have consequences for the entire family and community.

BREAKING NEWS! Same Day Telecast as the US: Resurrection (Season 2), this Monday 29 Sept, 10pm!

Mark this date on your calendar, if you want to watch it.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Behind-The-Scenes Tour at Resorts World Genting

Last Saturday morning, son and I were invited for the Ice Age Adventure , in the afternoon for the Behind The Scenes Tour in Resorts World Genting, click on the link for the Ice Age Adventure. Who likes Sid the sloth? Check out my post for the details.

The "Behind-The-Scenes Tour" is now the latest hype at Resorts World Genting. I have look forward to know about this for sometimes, I am glad I get the chance to see it. The "Behind-The-Scenes" Tour has begun its inception since 1 May 2014 has been ongoing till date. My last vacation in Theme Park, Genting Highland with my parents were year 1998.

What started off to be a month tour had eventually become a monthly routine due to great response from the participants. The 2 hour 45 minutes tour that happens every weekend offers participants valuable insights into the resort daily operation starting off with a visit to the Visitor's Galleria showcasing where the resort first began. 

The 30 minutes showcase will take you from history to whats new at the resort. Some of the exciting news would be the latest development at the resort and also the all new Twentieth Century Fox World. 

It's a wonderful journey of discovery of the resort's founder.

Above the speaker was explaining on the The Handover - Moving Forward.

 Everyone is paying attention to know more about the founder.
We get to see the model of the Resorts World Genting, how I miss the outdoor theme park never forget the good memories I was riding the roller coaster with my dad.

Before the next stop to visit the Genting Internatonal Showroom, above is group picture with fellow bloggers. 

 The Genting International Showroom where, we know of their technical experts in management of the back stage.
The person in charge has explains and show us of the management of back stage, lighting, and sound control involved during a show or event.

This will serve as an eye opener for everyone even the to the participants who are looking forward to learn something hands-on. 

My son had a good time on stage with his friends.

Another activity awaiting us was the First World Hotel's laundry, the hotel with over 6,000 rooms has the largest hotel laundry in Malaysia.

We have the first-hand view and knowledge on how the hotel manages all its dirty lines. 

We get to witness on how the clothes are all ironed with a special machine. It is indeed a rare occasion. 

The "Behind-The-Scenes" Tour, end on a high note with an interactive and enjoyable programme on "how to make sushi maki and cupcakes" in a See, Do. & Eat workshop.

Everyone anxious to know of how sushi maki is being made

Mommy blogger and children too are busy making decorating the cupcakes.

Presenting you cupcake I have decorate. 

It is fun workshop for everyone to make these simple dishes. 

If you have interest to join the "Behind-The-Scenes" Tour, you can register for the tour at First World Theme Park Wristband Tagging Counter located at the First World Plaza or registration counter at Vision City Video Games Park (next to post office). 
Tour priced at RM20 per person and starts at 2.15pm. 
Pre-booking is recommended by email to three days in advance 
or call 03-6101 1118 ext.55678 to avoid disappointment.

Goodie bags will also be given to every participant.
For more info please visit

Cool Ice Age Adventure limited edition premiums

Above is my goodie being blogger on the event. 

Do you have plan for this up coming school holiday?
Don't forget to check out the Ice Age Adventure that son and I joined last Saturday. Click on the link to read more and see more.

If you are eager to grab some cool Ice Age Adventure limited edition premiums, the Ice Age Adventure will be on going until 26 October 2014, so best participate this opportunity. 

Join in the fun and get award this September with all the new Ice Age Adventure. Genting Rewards Card members will be given 10% discount. 

Official sponsors for this event includes Nestle Ice Crams as the official ice cream, Genting Rewards as the official loyalty card and official TV is Panasonic.

For more info, you can also visit
or call them at
03-6101 1118

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

The Equalizer movie review

Yesterday is a movie night with my dear, the movie #TheEqualizer.

In the movie The Equalizer, Denzel Washing plays Robert McCall, He works in Home Mart, he trained help train a friend named Ralphie as security guard. He didn't give up training Ralphie, as Ralphie almost give up himself, he tried his best and keep training everyday. 
Robert met a prostitute named Alina, she was beaten up by her client but it didn't stop there. She got beaten up badly by pimp until she admitted ICU hospital. Robert wanted to help Alina, 
Robert has a hard time to sleep at night, there was time he didn't sleep at all.

What is secret identity of  Robert McCall? 
The bad guy is after him as he killed five bad people, Teddy a man with body fulled with evil/devil tattoo is going to hunt down Robert, will he succeed? Teddy with skilled of hunting people down and he gets what he wants. Especially answers he wants to know. 

Movie is rated 18 above as consist of violent and many f*ck words being used.

We enjoy the movie, it's a good movie to watch.
*If you didn't like blood spilled, this may not be the movie for you. 

Thank you #NNPremiereScreening

Sunday, September 21, 2014


 In collaboration of XES Shoes as the OFFICIAL FOOTWEAR of Miss Global International Malaysia 2014, one of the finalists from the beauty pageant has been selected to crown Miss XES Elegant title at their grand finale night. The lucky finalist that successfully caught the attention through her warm personality and divine beauty to represent the brand as Miss XES Elegant 2014/2015 is the loveliest Mico Pun Chiew Yoek.

Mr. Simpson Wong, the managing director of Shellys Marketing is excited to bring in Mico and hoping for the collaboration to work perfectly as planned to achieve greater success in future. 
Let's fiind out more about Mico Pun Chiew Yoek

Stage Name: Mico Pun
Age: 22 year old
Date of Birth: 1 March 1982
Place of Birth: Johor Bahru
Ethnicity: Chinese
Citizenship: Malaysian
Instagram: Xiaomi_mimi
Height 169cm
Vital Stats: 33D-25-36
Weight: 52kg
Language: Chinese, English
Special Talent: Belly Dance

Look at the big hamper with XES Shoes and XES signature bag, guess they are for who?

MISS XES ELEGANT, she started modelling career when she was 20 years old.

Mico Pun enjoy belly dancing and cycling.

  1. When did you start your modelling career?
I started my modelling career when I was 20 years old.

  1. How long have you been in the industry?
I have been in the modelling industry for two years.

  1. Did you enter any modelling academy?
Yes I did. I entered Amber Chia Modelling Academy in May 2014.

  1. Name 3 of your hobbies?
I like to travel, play piano, and reading!

  1. What are some of your favourite colours?
My favourite colours are the sexy red and white!

  1. What are you favourite sport activities during free time?
I really enjoy belly dancing and cycling.

  1. How do you want to achieve yourself in modelling industry?
I want to do more in commercial and gain big success in it!

  1. Have you ever encountered any bad experience during your modelling job?
She encountered bad experience during her modelling job when she was cheated by a fraud agency.

  1. How do you describe yourself?
I’m a positive thinker, free of mind, always helpful and willing to help without any repays.

  1. What have you learn from Miss Global International Malaysia 2014?
I learnt about responsibility and punctuality during my time in MGIM2014.

  1. What role would you like to take if you are given a chance in acting?
I would like to take any challenging role if I get the chance to act.

  1. What do you think about XES shoes and bags?
I like them all because they are trendy yet come with affordable price and comfort!

  1. What will you contribute by carrying this Miss XES Elegant title?
I’ll do my best to work with XES team to achieve more exposures and introduce their high quality and full of comfort shoes to more people.

Mr. Simpson Wong, the managing director of Shellys Marketing with Miss XES Elegant Mico Pun

Miss XES Elegant 2014/2015 is Mico Pun Chiew Yoek with Miss Sabrina Quigley Chin, PR Manager.

Miss XES Elegant 2014/2015 is Mico Pun Chiew Yoek likes XES shoes and bags as she finds them trendy yet come with affordable price and comfort!

*As the ambassador of XES Shoes from the duration of 1st October 2014 –30th September 2015, she will get a contract worth of RM16,000.00 that includes RM1, 000.00 cash prize upon receiving the title Miss XES Elegant 2014/2015 and get monthly supply of shoes and bags worth of RM3, 600.00 values of products from XES within one year. She will also get paid with RM3, 900.00 for various print advertisements campaign and RM1, 000.00 for every TV commercial campaign and acting appearances that she works on with XES. For video clips, the ambassador will receive RM1, 500.00 throughout the contract period. Each special appearance and fashion show made by Miss XES Elegant in any of future events shall also contribute her per event attended.

XES team is very happy to work on more interesting projects with the newly crowned Miss XES Elegant, Mico Pun Chiew Yoek. May this contract brings many opportunities and expansion to the growing business of XES shoes and put the brand on top in accordance to its vision and mission.

*Prizes,awards & benefits may be subjected to change at the discretion of the Management of Shellys Marketing Sdn Bhd.

Thank you XES for inviting me to this wonderful events. 
My picture with lovely Miss XES Elegant 2014/2015 Mico Pun and Miss Sabrina the PR Manager.

During the event, I check out the XES Signature bags and shoes.

I believe every woman love to own bags, if you love switching bags to use. I am sure you like to check out the XES bags.
I am holding up the XES Signature bags.

The XES Signature bags, on the left is XES Signature bag RM199.90
On the right is XES Signature bag RM189.90.

If you wanna buy a gift for loved one, check out XES Premium Boutique, they have XES shoes for children, woman and man. XES bags for the lovely ladies. 

ARE YOU ‘THE FACE OF HEALTHY BEAUTY’? 4 finalists selected in the third Semi-Finals held in Shah Alam

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