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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

The Equalizer movie review

Yesterday is a movie night with my dear, the movie #TheEqualizer.

In the movie The Equalizer, Denzel Washing plays Robert McCall, He works in Home Mart, he trained help train a friend named Ralphie as security guard. He didn't give up training Ralphie, as Ralphie almost give up himself, he tried his best and keep training everyday. 
Robert met a prostitute named Alina, she was beaten up by her client but it didn't stop there. She got beaten up badly by pimp until she admitted ICU hospital. Robert wanted to help Alina, 
Robert has a hard time to sleep at night, there was time he didn't sleep at all.

What is secret identity of  Robert McCall? 
The bad guy is after him as he killed five bad people, Teddy a man with body fulled with evil/devil tattoo is going to hunt down Robert, will he succeed? Teddy with skilled of hunting people down and he gets what he wants. Especially answers he wants to know. 

Movie is rated 18 above as consist of violent and many f*ck words being used.

We enjoy the movie, it's a good movie to watch.
*If you didn't like blood spilled, this may not be the movie for you. 

Thank you #NNPremiereScreening

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