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Wednesday, October 15, 2014


I attended an event related to how you can go play with your hair - Dove takes care of the damages.
The event held at LA MODE COIFFURE at Midvalley.

A new report from Dove Hair reveals that eight out of ten women now have damaged hair. But don’t despair – go play!

 An innate desire for beautiful hair, often fuelled by complex cultural forces, has led to “damaged” now being the most normal hair state in the world. That’s the finding from a new beauty report from Dove Hair which reveals eight of ten women now have damaged hair. The report delivers unprecedented global insights into the prevalence of hair damage, and reveals the factors driving this modern day beauty epidemic.

Pretty PR at the event explaining of the itinerary of the day. 

Ms Heng Hui Ling, Brand Manager for Dove Hair, Unilever (Malaysia) Holdings Sdn. Bhd. introducing Dove “Go Play with your Hair” Campaign.

Women love styling their hair but are also aware of the damage that their styling routine can cause. Blow drying, curling, straightening, colouring, ombrē, or highlights – when it comes to hairstyles, there are so many to choose from. As much as women would love to sport a new hairstyle every now and then, they know that constantly changing looks will cause their tresses to suffer in the long run and cause damage. Hair damage is caused by a combination of chemical treatments, styling routines and environmental factors.  

The study also reveals that the emotional impact of hair damage is almost as widespread and considerably profound. Women attribute a range of negative emotions as a result of their damaged hair - a state of mind Dove hopes to influence.

A digital survey done among 2,000 women in Malaysia revealed some interesting facts:
  • 71% of women surveyed said that they often go out under the sun daily
  • 66% of women often blow dry their hair
  • 73% of women brush their hair when it’s wet


Mr. John Goh, Research and Development Deploy Manager of Unilever Malaysia explaining on how Dove Intense Repair range allows you to play with your hair and takes care of the damage.

At the event, we saw the Dove brand compared with Brand X on the damaged hair.
Each damaged hair being tested using Dove brand, another used Brand X to test.

Below is the result where using the Brand X, the hair sank to bottom.

Hair damages are not only caused by hair colouring or perming but everyday routines such as brushing, blow drying and exposure to UV rays. As wet hair is more fragile and susceptible to breakage, combing it when it’s still wet causes damage. Even while blow drying, it removes moisture from hair and the heat is also damaging the hair fibre. Most of us are outdoor for work purposes or leisure and the harmful UV rays from the sun may break down fine fibre particles of the hair and strip off its natural oil. Dove Intensive Repair works at a cellular level to fortify damaged hair. The range with Keratin Repair Actives works at the cellular level of the hair structure and helps reconstruct damaged protein making hair strong and resilient to damage. All the products in the range have a beautiful fragrance, luxurious texture and are designed to delight the senses as much as to work wonders on damaged hair.

Three beautiful ladies on the day, have share their thoughts on their before and after using the Dove Intense Repair Theraphy range.
 Cherrelle a student, she looks great after the makeover by Dove.
Fish beauty blogger, loving her new hair styles. Check out her pinky hair!

Sarah, an interior designer proud of her changes.
Sarah Abu Husin, Dove real woman shared, “I have natural small curls and with the nature of my job, I have to always walk under the hot sun and blow dry my hair for it to look presentable. The daily UV ray exposure and heat has caused damage to my hair with split ends and dull looking hair. Due to this, I never wanted to do anything to my hair as I’m afraid at further damage it might cause my hair. After being introduced with Dove Intense Repair, I should not worry about damages but play with my hair! This has boost my confidence as my hair has become trendy and a whole lot healthier looking too!”  

[L-R] Cherrelle Westwood, student, Ms Heng Hui Ling, Brand Manager for Dove Hair, Unilever (Malaysia) Holdings Sdn. Bhd., Ms Phoenix Ho, Brand Manager for Hair Care, Unilever (Malaysia) Holdings Sdn. Bhd., Sarah Abu Husin, Dove real woman and Fish Sze, beauty blogger during the launch of Dove ‘Go Play with your Hair’ Campaign.

Dove Intense Repair Therapy full range
from left All Day Repair Crean, Conditioner, Shampoo, Treatment Conditioner, and Treatment Mask
In conjunction with the launch, Malaysian women can participate in the “Go Play with your Hair” campaign by logging on to Steps include: -
  • Consists of five (5) Challenges as follows (names of Challenges and their respective hashtags):
    • Play With Sunshine (#DoveChallenge1)
    • Play With Colours (#DoveChallenge2)
    • Play With Curls (#DoveChallenge3)
    • Play With Straight Strands (#DoveChallenge4)
    • Play With Styles (#DoveChallenge5)

  • Upload a photo based on the challenge according to their choice and participant may submit multiple entries
  • Contest period: 17 October 2014 – 28 November 2014

The grand prize winner will stand a chance to win a trip to Boracay, Philippines‎ worth RM4, 500 for 4 days and 3 nights based on the most creative hairstyle and the number of challenges joined. There will also be 10 weekly winners who will be bringing back 6 in 1 Hair Styling Kit and Dove Intense Repair range worth RM100 each.

So, go crazy and play with your hair – Dove will take care of the damage!


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