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Sunday, November 16, 2014

Interstellar movie review

Few days ago, I brought my dear and my son for a movie night. It is Interstellar movie, awesome movie to watch if you like science fiction movie which related to outer space! It's even better if you love the actress Anne Hathaway. Awesome actor Matthew McConaughey as Cooper, that you gonna love to watch from start to the end of movie.

I watched the IMAX at TGV 1 Utama, I won the movie passes from TalkFLIM Facebook. It's an awesome 3 hours movie, the sound effects are good in IMAX.

This movie is PG13, 169 minutes. From this movie, you'll find out how precious time are.

You can see many haze cloud in the movie, frozen ice, outer space, the black hole. There are many talks on gravity and ghost in the movie. Is there a ghost in the little girl room? Cooper is going to leave behind his son and daughter, leaving behind his father-in-law to take care the children for him. How is he going to save the kids or the people from earth?

How Cooper with his team, travel from one planet to another planet? Who is going to survive coming back to earth? Time and gravity is ticking every second, the seconds/minutes/hours/years spend are faster in the outer space. In outer space, you have no oxygen, it's breath taking moment when I saw Cooper left with no oxygen, who's going to help him?! Watch this movie to find out.

Thick haze cloud coming in the town, people getting lesser food to eat, no where to go. How can they survive the thick haze? It's so thick just like thick sands covering up the car/house.

Talking of this movie, a guy next to me puts on heavy colon that I can't breath well in my seat. He puts on too much of colon that he can't even sit still himself, keeps moving forward and backward and talking to his friends.

Thanks to TalkFILM for this awesome movie #Interstellar

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