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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Launch Flood Disaster Humanity Fund Mission MYDIN & POKB "Ringgit for Ringgit"

This morning I attended the Launch Flood Disaster Humanity Fund Mission MYDIN & POKB "Ringgit for Ringgit". 

Lately flood incidents in several states in Malaysia especially in West Malaysia namely Kelantan, Terengganu, Pahang, Perak, Johor, Selangor and Perlis that worries many parties. More than 225, 371 flood victims affected througout the country. It's sad to know many people are left homeless,  properties damage and children without their uniforms to start school in Jan 2015.  

This launch of Flood Disaster Humanity Fund Mission MYDIN & POKB with the existence of this fund, Malaysians who want to donate but do not know what it wants to be donated and where it wants to be channeled donations may contribute to this fund that will be placed at all branches nationwide MYDIN and MYMYDIN.

Speech by Mr. Malik Murad Ali, Director of Information Technology, Mydin Mohamed Holdings Bhd.

Noble humanitarian mission that prevailed earlier between MYDIN and POKB such as joint mission Gaza Humanitarian Fund in 2012 was the catalyst for the determination and strength in order to launch a humanitarian fund today. 

Speech by YABhg Datuk Sheikh Ahmad Dusuki, President POKB

The Launch Flood Disaster Humanity Fund Mission MYDIN & POKB "Ringgit for Ringgit". Every Ringgit you donate will be doubled as a sign of their support for this humanitarian mission. Example, if you donated RM100 ringgit, MYDIN will double the amount to RM200 ringgit. 

The holistic manner, Launch Disaster Relief Fund Mission MYDIN & POKB is intended to provide assistance in the form of long-term to the flood victims. This assistance includes three stages for the purposes of the goods at the present time, spending the early preparation of school children affected by the floods, the cost of rehabilitation of the flood victims and survival. 
A group photo of the VIPS giving their support in Launch Flood Disaster Humanity Fund Mission MYDIN & POKB "Ringgit for Ringgit"

Mydin Mohamed Holdings Bhd.(MYDIN) and Persatuan Orang Kota Bharu (POKB) hope that all parties can come forward to support this noble effort to help ease the burden of the victims of the flood disaster, because if not us, who else?

For your info Persatuan Orang Kota Bharu (POKB) was establish on 31 May 2011 under Akta Perdaftaran Pertubuhan Malaysia. 

If you like to know the development, activity and promotions MYDIN you can check out their website:


  1. hi miera, every Ringgit counts, every RM5, Mydin will double the amount you donated to RM10.

  2. Bravo to Mydin!!! Tough year for Malaysia.


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