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Sunday, January 5, 2014

Fun with play dough

My boys love playing dough, the other day my toddler asking for dough to play. He likes playing it, he tried to roll it and smashed it. I let him play just one colour of dough, if not he will mix the colour of dough which I can't separate the colour anymore.

I took a small marble and roll it together with dough. He doesn't know it until he open the dough bit by bit. He none stop laughing when he saw there's marble in the dough. After remove the marble, he try putting back together with dough.

It's fun playing dough you can make many shapes with it. I made dice, car, snake, ball, and so on.

I remembered playing dough when I was a child, but the dough was sticky and smelly too!

What's your childhood game?

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