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Sunday, February 16, 2014

My 1st time with NIVEA’s rinse off body lotion

Today everyone's having busy lifestyle, we don't want to leave out to maintaining our gorgeous body. We need to find a product that can provide total body moisturization while busy maintaining our busy lifestyle. I try using other body lotion which I step out after shower to apply but it takes time to dry off before I can put on my clothes. 

I like to share with my 1st time with NIVEA's rinse off body lotion!
This is NIVEA In-Shower Skin Conditioner, check out the first picture above for the product. Above is the dry skin, they have another which is for normal skin. 
I have very dry skin therefore I choose this as it contains of rich nourishing Almond oil to provide long lasting moisturisation. 
My very dry skin some area of my body have peeling skin, after using this product I don't see anymore peeling skin. 

NIVEA In-Shower Skin Conditioner is immediately absorb to skin, leaving a nourishing and caring coating on skin's surface. 

Above my hand, picture one is before any cleanse.
2nd picture after cleanse shower gel and I applied the Nivea In-Shower Conditioner
Below picture 3 after rinse off and dry up, my hand feel instantly silky soft skin.

10 signs of dry and damaged skin;
  1. Flaky
  2. Itchy
  3. Uneven
  4. Scratched
  5. Rough
  6. Cracked
  7. Stressed
  8. Dull
  9. Peeling
  10. Tight

You can click above picture to view the ingredients of the product. 

There's no more waiting for the body lotion to dry up, no more stickiness. I love the instant silky soft skin because I'm a smooth criminal with the NIVEA In-Shower Conditioner. 

I am very happy using this product, this is my short cut in using Nivea's rinse off body lotion! 

Just four simple steps to mosturized skin:
  1. Cleanse with your shower gel as usual and rinse off
  2. Stepping back from the shower for a minute or two, to apply NIVEA in-shower body lotion.
  3. Rinse off
  4. Dry yourself and get dressed to go.

You can click the video above to find out why moisturization is a must! They have three beautiful ladies in shower experiment. 

NIVEA In-Shower Conditioner 250ml is in the market selling at RM16.90, I purchase mine from Aeon which cost RM11.90. 

Edited 10 March 2014, I am using 2nd bottle of Nivea In-Shower Conditioner. Click link to read more.

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