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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Thematic Feast at one Destination one Unique Price, The Saujana Hotel

The Saujana Hotel Kuala Lumpur is located 30 minutes from Kuala Lumpur city centre, 35 minutes from the Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA), the hotel is just 5 minutes away from Skypark (formerly Subang Airport), the private jet aviation hub. The name Saujana is taken from an old Malay expression 'sejauh di sana' meaning- as far as the eye can see -The Saujana Hotel Kuala Lumpur is a place where comfort, scenic beauty and unconditional privacy abound. Nestled amidts 160-hectares of lush tropical gardens, this 210- room retreat adjoined to two 18-hole championship golf courses of Saujana Golf & Country Resort, facilities of this well-appointed resort include extensive dining choices, practical function areas, numerous meeting room options and a host of delightful recreational activities to suit every travelers needs and ideal place for business and pleasure. 
On 13 February 2015, it was Friday I attended the Charcoal's Thematic Feast featuring An Exclusive Fashion Show by iKarrtini. 

Charcoal was Recipient of five awards in recent MIGF 2014, Charcoal dares to be different with its themed nightly buffet as one unique price. Hungry for anything Nonya, quality seafood to chargrill bbq, then head to Charcoal.
photo above credit to Miera

Photo above credit to Miera

The late evening I was early arrive to The Saujana Hotel, I couldn't find parking as there were many events happening at the hotel. I didn't give up hope because the kind security guard of The Saujana Hotel let me parking outside the parking box of their parking lot. 

I fall in love with place as I was walking toward Charcoal I saw there is nice view of tropical gardens.  
Charcoal have two private rooms just like above picture, if you prefer quiet moments or gathering with loved ones, this is the place where you can non stop having buffet of your choice. 

I love chargrilled BBQ, I can't have enough of it. 
I can't eat all by myself, so it's sharing moment with my friends. 

photo above credit to Miera

It's Seafood for Fridays, so if you like to eat seafood do mark the date on calendars. 
Sample a tantalizing spread of the freshest seafood in a variety of flavours prepared at live stations, along with hot dishes and desserts. 

 Having good time with fellow blogger friends, can you spot me? Hehe..
 Besides buffet dinner in Charcoal, we enjoy the fashion show in the night. It's iKarrtini Malaysian Batik Art To Wear. Check out some photos taken by me using the Sony Cybershot Camera.

Thank you iKarrtini for lovely fashion show, after the fashion show we continue buffet dinner. 

I am sure you want to know more of the yummy food, picture of the food too says the thousand word, don't you agree? Well I mean to say is a picture is worth a thousand words.

*Menu highlights for Seafood (Fridays)
Flower Crab, Australian Oysters, Tiger Prawns, Slipper Lobster Tails, Salmon Steaks, Sea Bass Green Lip Mussels, Gem Fish, Squid, Snapper Fillet, Clams and Cockles.
If you like to eat salad, they have wide selection of sauce available at salad bar. 
Other than that, if you love to eat meat, there are Beef Sirloin Steak, Roast Beef, Szechuan Roasted Chicken, Creamy Spicy Duck, Malay Style Beef, 

 Opposite me is Ayue, hehe... all of us having fun chit chat and get to know more of each other.

Everybody loves dessert so much of choice and fresh fruits. 
Ice kacang anyone?

 Fruits to dip chocolate fountain or mashmallows to dip chocolate fountain, it is your choice.

After we finished the water and I found out that inside the bottle there's Charcoal inside.

If you like to try Thematic Feast at one Destination one Unique Price.
RM99++ per person (dinner)
Nyonya Peranakan every Thursday night
Seafood every Friday night
BBQ every Saturday night

You can also take home a little of Charcoal home, with Auntie's Belle's homemade sauces available from RM12 to RM15 such as Asam Pedas, Sambal Hijau, Sambal Udang Kering, Pickled Mangoes, Chili Garlic and much more. 

Saujana Resort, Jalan Lapangan Terbang SAAS, 40150 Shah Alam,
Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia
 Tel: 603-7843 1234
Fax: 603 - 7846 3008

Monday, February 16, 2015

Moist Daine: The Next Generation of Oil Hair Care wtih PhytoCellTech Technology

Everyone need to use shampoo to shampoo their hair, some people choose to wash hair daily and some alternate day. Talking of shampoo, with many shampoo available in the market, which is suitable for your hair? With much enthusiasm, Moist Daine introduces the Next Generation of Oil Hair Care Shampoo & Conditioner to the mass. 

Bold and miraculous, Moist Daine has arrived in Wastons. 

The Moist Daine Launch in collaboration with Watsons was an exciting event. 

Moist Daine introduces its latest hair care range; Moist Daine Moist & Shine, Volume &Scalp and Moist Daine Extra Damage Repair. This greaseless, silicon-free variant is developed with 3 technologies exclusively for hair and scalp. It repairs, reproduce and activate your hair. 

Many people are not satisfied with common "Non Silicon Shampoos" when it comes to controlling dry and unmanageable hair, minimizing damage from UV rays and blow dryers, and treating perm and dye hair. 

4 benefits of oil
1. A rich source of nutritional ingredients such as Omega 3 will appear damaged hair and scalp
2. Directly supplies nutrients such as vitamins to scalp and hair
3. Adhere to dirt for effective cleansing of scalp and hair
4. Controls dry, frizzy hair by naturally blending, moisturizing and protecting hair with its conditioning properties.

3 Technologies:
1) Next generation (Botanical Rane Oil). This rare oil is added to the main ingredient Argan Oil for synergistic effect

2) Assuring the longevity of skin cells: Next generation (PhytoCellTech). New plant cell culture technology invented to protect skin stem cells. 

3) Next generation (Phyto Peptides): Ion Complex Technology

The formulation and technologies provides superior moisturisation, shine and repair. It also features Cucuapcu, Mango Seed Oil, Marula Oil and Lupine Oil to further boost repair. 

Infused with the healing and moisturizing properties of Vitamin E, Argan Oil from Morocco has the ability to deeply cleanse, protect and hydrate the hair and scalp after each wash. When applied onto hair, it leaves hair feeling smooth without the grease feel provides. Its Baobab Oil, also known as "Tree of Life" is extracted by cold-pressing the fruit seed of baobab tree. The seeds contain high amount of rare oil which works as an excellent nature hair moisturizer.

Strengthening Ion Complex Technology helps repair hair from the cove. Cuticles on the damaged hair are suppressed from lifting up to achieve silk, smooth, healthy-looking hair. And to ensure the longevity of skin cells, its PhytoCellTech utilizes the totipotency of plant stem cells. All plant cells are capable of reproducing pats or entire parts of their structure. The PhytoCellTech techology utlizes the wound healing mechanism of plants.
photo credit to Miera

Above is the Brand Manager of Moist Daine, he is also the Director of Sales & Marketing for NatureLab, Tokyo. By the way, his nickname is Tiger. 

I am sure every woman like to maintain their modern styles between salon visits. Moist Daine provides a tirple advantage. Edges are the most delicate part of the hair strand due to the rigors of styling, and it's an added bonus to know that you are getting styling, strenghtening power and incredible shine with Argan Oil from Morocco-- all in one bottle.
Check out below for the Japan TV Commercial of the Moist Daine. *Japanese language*

Now you can find the Moist Daine hair care range at Watsons Malaysia.

Photographer Feeq
During the event, I have hands on experienced on Argan Oil mixed with brown sugar. Having my hand scrub and feel the different right away knowing that it's ability to cleanse and hydrate my hand. I can see the different between my left hand and right hand.

It was a fun day catching up with bloggers. 

The launch was held in The Edge Hair Studio at The Grand Millenium Hotel.

Moist Daine Moist & Shine
Repairs damaged hair remarkably from the core with moisture ingredients. I love the scene of the shampoo, after using the shampoo I used the conditioner. I don't feel my hair tangle, it leads to long smooth hair. 

Above picture of me during the process of using Moist Daine Most shampoo.  
I love to style my hair with braided hairstyle.

I am happy that my sister-in-law, she too likes enjoy the Moist Daine as she has tried many brands of shampoo but it gives her tangled and frizzy hair, it's uneasy to comb. But after using Moist Daine, she told me that it's easy for her to comb her hair and she feel her hair lighter too. 

Don't just read here, if you have interest to try Moist Daine check out at Watsons in Malaysia.

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Valentine's Day gathering in Empire Shopping Gallery

Yesterday morning I attended Valentine's Day gathering in Empire Shopping Gallery. 
I meet with blogger friends and we have luncheon at Kitchen Art Brasserie at Empire Hotel Subang.
It was early so I decided to go for walk in the mall. 

Spotted cute CNY decoration in Empire Shopping Gallery.
With blogger friends that attended the Glamorous 1920s theme of The Party of The Century, Empire City. #team50my

Fun day with fellow friends, we have lot of chat and some of us check out the Brand
Big mirror in the Ladies restroom in Empire Hotel, you know I like it. 
Spotted this beautiful decoration of Valentine's day. 
My premium fortune cookie that explains of my lucky this year in year of Goat 2015. My fortune cookie with the message slip of "Failure is only the opportunity to begin again more intelligently!"
 If you like shopping in Empire Shopping Gallery, like me don't forget that you have the chance to win Prosperity Vouchers, spend RM388 and above in a single receipt and be entitled to a lucky dip. Festive shoppers will also receive traditional red packers in the prosperous colors of red and gold.

Prosperity Hour at 1pm and 8pm on these dates, check them out
15/2, 19/2, 21/2, 22/2, 23/2, 24/2, 25/2, 26/2,27/2, 28/2, 1/3, 2/3, 3/3/, 4/3, 5/3
*Spend RM20 in a single receipt! 
In any outlet in Empire Shopping Gallery then go to the main concourse area, UG Floor at 1pm or 8pm on the dates mention above. You get the chance to receive a Prosperous Reward. 
Above my friend Ayue was trying her luck, I too was there as I received RM10 voucher. So I haul a dress at the same link, click on below link to view my new dress. 

Each session will have 100 winners who stand a chance to win gifts and cash vouchers of up to RM1000!

I did try my luck as I was shopping in the mall for Elephant earrings and dresses. Click on the post on what I have haul yesterday at Empire Shopping Gallery. There is Daiso outlet nearby the Brand's outlet, it's big Daiso outlet that everyone can find something they want inside. I find some items not available at other Daiso but here.

check out my instagram video 1, video 2 for drum show. 

Event Highlights 
Feb 28, Saturday  
1 pm Prosperity Hour/7th Giant God of Prosperity Cartoon Mascot Walkabout
2.30pm Double Lion Dance with Happy Face
3.30pm Durm Show
8pm Prosperity Hour

March 1, Saturday 
1 pm Prosperity Hour/7th Giant God of Prosperity Cartoon Mascot Walkabout
2.30pm Arobatic Lion Dance
3.30pm Durm Show
8pm Prosperity Hour

For more info and update on Empire Shopping Gallery, click on the link as it lead you to Facebook. 

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