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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Carpooling with Tripda

Have you plan on your back home town trip on for this Chinese New Year, yeah just few weeks away. Above picture of me and my friends in carpooling. The day we carpooling to attend an event, Jane is lovely driver as you can see. Grace and I were heading to nearest MRT station in KL. I am not familiar with route in Kuala Lumpur so carpool will be the decision as it save fuel and time from stuck in traffic jam.

Nobody enjoy stuck in the traffic jam, 
even a child would know how's it is like being stuck in the traffic jam.

I am sure you can imagine how many cars on the road if everyone is driving a car. 
With carpooling with Tripda, I am sure you'll find the journey smoother and safer.

With Internet access from your home or office, using the Internet or smart phone, 
you can start register using your Facebook account complete your profile and preferences.
Choose whether you would like to find or offer a ride.
Setup your trip details or select the trip that is most convenient to you.
Have a nice trip with Tripda with your buddies.
Then rate your trip buddy, yeah you get rated back too. 
Tripda is an online peer to peer carpooling platform & community that connects drivers commuting with empty seats in their cars and passengers heading the same way. 
Tripda is driven by the principles of the "sharing economy" where technology is utilised as an instrument to help people share any excess capacity they have in terms of resources (in this case the spare capacity in a car).
The night I attended Party of The Century at Empire City, I am happy that I have chosen to carpool because it does save fuel and traffic jams, most important is help reduce pollution in the air. I am sure you know by now Tripda helps the environment by reducing the number of pollution causing vehicles on the road and traffic congestion especially in the city.

Ensures a safe journey. Tripda verifies the identity of drivers and passengers in multiple ways to runs a variety of checks to ensure your privacy and security.

For more info, click below links.
*  Tripda website :
*  Tripda mobile app  available on iOS and Google Play
*  Tripda Facebook page :
 Tripda instagram   + twitter handle : @TripdaMY for both
 Hashtag  #TRIPDAblogawards

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