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Friday, March 6, 2015

Empowers Women: The Naked Face Project by Nivea

 Empowers Women - A Collaborative Effort with Malaysian Personalities to Aid the Underserved Women. 

In Malaysia, 2.2 million households still ive on less than RM2,000 per month and struggle to buy basic n necessities like food. 80% of families in poverty are single parent households and female headed (Malaysian Census 2000). The single mothers are in their predicament mostly as a result of spousal death, spousal abandonment or divorce. Many face financial challenges and majority at single mothers that hail from the rural areas usually lacked specialized job skills as well as education required to get proper employment.

NIVEA an internationally renowned skin care brand embarked on a campaign to do its bit to help all eviate the hardships of the poor. With the aid of 9 big hearted Malaysian personalities NIVEA kick started the awareness for the women empowerment campaign aptly named "Empowers Women".

Like the famous saying "Charity comes from the heart!", these ladies are offering more than kindness from their heart but also their faces as they have all pledged to have a portrait of them with make-up removed in the name of charity. 

above Mr. Ng Hock Guan the Country Manager of Beiersdorf Malaysia & Singapore at the Empowers Women fund raiser.

"Packets of poverty exist and income inequality remains high although Malaysia is moving towards becoming a developed country. We are encouraging everyone to join us in helping the poor and the underserved. We are not here to give hands outs which will only provide them with temporary relief; what we want to do is to equip them with necessary skills and training on that they can earn a living. Empowers Women is a campaign to reach out to the underserved to give them the skills and confidence to secure a job while helping improve their living conditions for the better of their future generation. And we believe with the correct guidance it is achievable!" said Ng Hock Guan the Country Manager of Beiersdorf Malaysia & Singapore at the Empowers Women fund raiser.

Ng added "Contributions collected from this campaign as well as contributors from NIVEA will go towards organizing skills training classes for the underserved women. Working with For Wisom and Revolutionary Development, an NGO accustomed with helping the underserved community, NIVEA aims to import proper training so that the underserved can earn their bread. We want to encourage them to send their children to school, something which they were deprived of due to dearth of finances. Only by making these changes they will be able to free themselves from poverty."

During the event Atilia Haron were on stage to sing, check out a short video I recorded on instagram, video 1, video 2 click on the link.

Above emcee with beautiful 9 personalities not in particular order namely Atila Haron, Nadia Heng, Sherry Ibrahim, Mynn Lee, Amanda Imani, Hunny Madu, Vanessa Chong, Carey Ng and Megan Tan. They all have pledged to have their makeup removed in raising funds for the "Empowers Women" campaign. Leveraging on their social media followings the personalities sent a clear message to other women folk to come forth and support them in their courses of empowering the poor and destitute to make forth and support them in their course of empowering the poor and destitute to make significant social charges in their lives.

Emcee asking each participants questions, do you spot which is your favourite Malaysian personalities? 

At an on ground event held in 1 Utama Shopping Centre, generous donors and local philanthrapists come forth to help raise funds for the campaign by sponsoring the celebrities to remove their makeup for the world to see them in all their natural glory. 

List of sponsors:-
  1. Dato' Ahmad Shalimin Bin Ahmad Shaffie
  2. Jasmine Raj
  3. Datuk Joseph Lau
  4. Sherilyn Foong
  5. Dato Dr. Jessie Tang - East West One Consortium Berhad
  6. Puan Sri Sandra Lee
  7. Anonymous
  8. Ng Hock Guan
  9. Datuk Kelvin Tan - Director of Miss Universe Malaysia Organization

photo credit to Ayu, don't forget to check out the closing gambit video 1 and video 2 on the day.

The total raised from all generous sponsors was RM73,000.

For those who are keen on contributing to the "Empowers Women" cause can do so via Cash/Cheque to :

ACCOUNT NO. : 21427700071424
BANK : RHB Bank Malaysia

Log on to NIVEA's official Facebook page at for more information.

By the way the Nivea roadshow is until this Sunday, for more info you can click on the link above. 

Now there's an offer at the old wing concouse until Sunday, at 1 Utama. 
Purchase Nivea Make Up Clear mud and Make up Starter at RM42.70 nstead of RM53.40
You get freebies of
Aqua Sensation Mask 
Makeup Started Serum 15ml
Hydration in Shower 250ml
Limited edition Makeup Pouch 
Light makeup and instant photo print
total worth RM100.

Freebies of above picture while stock last.

9 celebrity supporters confidently bared their naked faces for the camera to empower the underserved women in Malaysia but they need your support too! Please join the ‪#‎empowerswomen‬ campaign at 1 Utama Shopping Mall, 4-8 Mar 2015!


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