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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Planning on school holiday to Dubai

My friends are planning on school holiday, they have ideal place to go. They want to go Dubai because they heard and saw many nice pictures of this country. I am sure they want to check out hotels in dubai, if not where else they can stay? Unless they have friends or relatives or family members there which they can accommodate with.

Beside the view and sightseeing it the country, they are searching to know what is cheap to purchase in Dubai. Well everyone has got their budget and shopping list to shop. One of my friends told me she interest to check out their jewellery, I don't know if diamonds are cheaper there. How about clothes and bags in Dubai, are there selling cheaper there?

Talking of vacation, she has a shopping list in hand now where she needs to purchase luggage bags and a digital camera. She also needs to bring her family to make passports for everyone. It's her first family vacation to bring her children and parents for vacation to Dubai. It's going to be great vacation for everyone, can't wait to find out more details from her. I want to know what's on her shopping list in shopping in Dubai. Dubai is one of her wishlist that she wants to go. I told her to purchase sunscreen as she will needs them if they are going for beach. We needs to use sunscreen everyday anyway. I told her not to left out the sunscreen product and pack in her luggage bag.

It's more than just having a nice vacation in Dubai, not just shopping or enjoy the sightseeing but the food too. I am sure she will need to find restaurants to dine and what to eat in Dubai. I wonder if Dubai food any similar to Malaysia's food.

It's good to plan on vacation during the school holiday, so it does not disturb the children on school days. We don't want the children being left out or absent from school.

I haven't been to Dubai, I still need to save more money for a family vacation.


  1. I also want to go to Dubai. But need to save a lot.

  2. Hi Rose, yeah need to save lot to go. Let's hope our dream come true someday.


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