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Thursday, May 28, 2015

Movie review: SPY *Melissa McCarthy

If you love to watch action and comedy movie this Spy movie is entertaining, however this movie is suitable for age of 18 years old above. 
Spoiler alert*

Melissa McCarthy is working on the desk assisting a CIA agent named Bradley Fine (Jude Law), her name is Susan Cooper. One day, Bradley Fine is shot dead on a mission, Susan decided to volunteer to be part of the CIA's mission that's becoming one of the agent. It's not easy task for her as she's given a few new identities. Jason Statham as Rick Ford, wanted to revenge for his CIA's colleague. He believes in there's face changing machine that he can undergoes to change his face. It's so funny that he's being prank by other agents.

I got scare in the movie, it's not a scary movie but somehow I got scared in a part where Susan Cooper in Paris. 
Susan wants to revenge for Bradley Fine's death, it's all in the jet. You gonna laugh it out loud if you watched it. Susan rides to different type of scooters in the movie. 
What's secret weapons for a CIA agent Susan Cooper? It's all with funny names, I'm not gonna say more about it, you gonna watch it to know more.
There's a big bird in the movie, go watch the movie to find out who she is.
There's girls fight in the movie, where Susan Cooper fought with a pretty girl (Morena Baccarin). The movie involved many foul languages. Overall this movie I find it nice and funny, if you like actress Melissa McCarthy, this move is definitely suitable for you. 

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