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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

SyaLaa BB Cushion Cream and Pore Silky Balm

I received SyaLaa BB Cushion Cream and Pore Silky Balm (trial size)
SyaLaa BB Cushion Cream is the latest product it just in the market for 3 weeks.

SyaLaa BB Cushion Cream with five benefits in one touch, find out what's the benefits.
1. As a makeup and treatment for skin.
2. It protect your skin from harmful UV.
3. With whitening function up to five times.
4. It contains of SPF50 PA+/PA+++
5. Refresh and moisture your skin. 

It contains of 10 natural ingredients
1. Extract from Madonna Lily - it helps to minimize pores
2. Chamomile - anti inflammatory, antiseptic and help to heal skin's cell
3. Jasminum Officinale - Able to control acne
4. Narcissus - Anti aging
5. Freesia Refracta Extract - Skin conditioning
6. Aloe Vera - Suitable to use on sensitive skin
7. Jojoba - Control skin oiliness and able to heal acne
8. Squalene - Natural moisture for skin and helps to absorb Vitamin A to skin
9. Centella Asiatica - Wound healing
10. Lilium Candidum - Helps to maintain moisture skin

Above is the picture of me, first row will be before using the SyaLaa BB Cushion Cream.
Second row, you can it covers my dark circles very well. 
For me lasted more than three hours.
After opening the SyaLaa BB Cushion Cream, there is a puff on it.
Can open the side of it and remove the seal to use the BB Cushion with puff. 
It is simple and easy to use in this compact. 

How to use the SyaLaa BB Cushion Cream?
You can just use this alone on cleanse skin. 
Jut apply the amount of BB cream puff that from the T-zone, from the side out evenly to the entire face. I also reapply on lower eyelid to cover my dark eyes circle. Don't forget about your lower nose, you need to cover that part too. 

Tips: Regular washing of puff is required other wise it will affect the unformly double makeup.

Other than SyaLaa BB Cushion, there is SyaLaa Pore Silky Balm.
SyaLaa Pore Silky Balm you can see below picture, I receive it trial size.
This product can helps to control oil.
It can be used as primer makeup to make the makeup long lasting.
It helps covered pores and fine lines. 
                                           It gives skin feel smooth and soften the skin.

If you plan to use this, I would suggest you to use SyaLaa Pore Silky Balm then only follow by foundation or BB cream.
Before putting on makeup, take some SyaLaa Pore Silky Balm on the back of hand.
Slowly apply on the area that you prefer namely large pores area.
Don't forget that you still need to put on base makeup such as foundation, BB cream.
I was in a hurry and I get into my car, using the SyaLaa Pore Silky Balm and SyaLaa BB Cushion Cream. Instead of using finger, I find that using sponge with Pore Silky Palm is easier and faster. But I haven't find the right size sponge for it. 

Above photo after using the SyaLaa BB Cushion Cream then put on the makeup of lipstick, eyes shadows. 

After using the SyaLaa BB Cushion Cream, I feel my skin smooth and flawless. 
I like this BB Cream in compact, easy to bring anywhere in my handbag. 

This product is suitable for dry and sensitive skin. 

For a limited time now they are having online offer.
Price now is RM129.90 West Malaysia/ RM139.90 East Malaysia
It comes with special free gift (the refill of SyaLaa BB Cushion). 
SyaLaa Pouch
SyaLaa Pore Sikly Balm (trial size)
(While Stock Last)

You can find out more info on
Instagram: #syalaaempireofficial
Facebook: @syalaabeauty
contact number: 03-87141957 / 018239347 / 0182441506


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