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Monday, June 1, 2015

CardPow - This School Holiday

This June School Holidays has started, have you plan on any holiday activities with loved ones? With Internet access, we can easily check out this

 If you have Credit Card and Debit Card, you'll find this convenient for you as you can find great discounts and promotions from there.
Being mommy of two boys, like any parents we would shop wisely. So why not check out the for the great discounts and promotions which available there. Once you enter their website, just type the location which you prefer e.g. Legoland. Then click search and you'll see all the promotions available on the website.

Make this school holidays a happy memorable fun with your kids.
What can you do in Johor Bharu?
Check out the Angry Birds Activity Park and Legoland.
 25% discount on, if you are planning to go Angry Birds Activity Park.
Get 35% off now, bring your children for this fun school holiday activities you can have with them in Legoland. 
It's a place for grown up and kids, I know as nobody can get over the Legoland.
Great discounts available for you from Maybank.

How about Discoveria in Avenue K, have you discover this wonderful place?
Get 20% off from, explore how many dinosaurs you can find within Discoveria.

You can also view the website from your mobile phone. 
The discounts and promotions are not just for kids but adults too, who likes to eat Papa Johns pizza? It's time to feast for delicious pizza of your choice. I am sure everyone has got their favourite pizza. 
30% Off awaiting you from CIMB.

Like any parents, what we like to know is what's the popular discount available at
We can also visit their Facebook for theme parks and school holiday activities.

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