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Thursday, September 3, 2015

Ceria Raya Bersama F&N Contest Grand Finale‏

Ceria Raya Bersama F&N Contest Grand Finale‏. it was held at Orange Concourse in Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall. 

Hari Raya is synonymous with the spirit of togetherness and a time where we share joy and laughter, thus Malaysia’s largest soft drinks manufacturer and distributor, F&N Beverages & Marketing Sdn. Bhd., made this year’s festivities even more special for Malaysians with a contest to reward consumers; especially for five (5) lucky individuals who is the finalists of the contest.

They are the finalists of Ceria Raya bersama F&N contest, and they have been chosen to compete in the contest grand finale at Sunway Pyramid. The five went through a series of challenges for the contest top prizes as well as the opportunity to walk away with the Ultimate Grand Prize of a RM1 million dream house.

Challenges that five finalist need to take part included
  • Compete through a series of challenges in Ceria Raya Bersama F&N Contest Grand Finale. The first challenge “Memori Minda F&N” involves a strong implementation of mental practice.
  • Each finalist is required to open up the boards with matching products; only two blocks can be opened up each time. The key to win “Memori Minda F&N” is to have a sturdy memory and an efficient mindset.
  • The second challenge “Kiub Minda Cerdas” involves the exercise of both physical and mental activities to excel in the challenge.
  • The five finalists are to puzzle up all individual small cubes as per the completed Rubik cube in “Kiub Minda Cerdas” challenge; the fastest to complete the puzzle claims victory.
  • In ‘F&N Rebut Mania Challenge”, finalists take turn to be hoisted into a pool of F&N products allocated with score points. Within 20 seconds time frame, they are required to grab as many products as possible.

F&N Rebut Mania Challenge
It was exciting to see the participants, trying their best to collect as many big bottles of the F&N to their bag. The big bottles of F&N has more points than the cans. 
 In the Semi-Final round, top 3 finalists are competing in a Q&A round to stand a chance to win the Ultimate Grand Prize of Ceria Raya Bersama F&N Contest.
(Left – Right) Nadia Binti Mohamad Nasir, Hidayati Binti Jamil and Fatin Shazwani Binti Hamdan

F&N has a wide range of beverages that caters to the different needs of their consumers especially during festive period. For example, F&N SEASONS NutriSoy that is packed with more soy goodness is suitable for breaking fast during Ramadan period and 100PLUS as an isotonic drink that helps to rehydrate after long hours of fasting. Not forgetting F&N Fun Flavours is a must-have festive drink during Raya celebrations with family and friends for the refreshing enjoyment. Other than that, they also have other selections as well such as F&N SEASONS NutriWell, F&N SEASONS Tea, OISHI, est Cola as well as their latest product – Coco Life.

Group photo of Ceria Raya Bersama F&N contest finalists with F&N representatives.
(Left – Right) Jenny Wong (Head of Brand Marketing for F&N Beverages), Nadia Binti Mohamad Nasir (Second Prize Winner), Hidayati Binti Jamil (First Prize Winner), Fatin Shazwani Binti Hamdan (Third Prize Winner), Chuan Wei Yiaw (Forth Prize Winner), Sumengdiran Boyle A/L Ularkanazan (Forth Prize Winner) and Baskorohadi Sukatmo (General Manager of Marketing for F&N Beverages).

Nadia Binti Mohamad Nasir, 27 years old from Seri Kembangan, Selangor won Second Prize, a Nissan Almera 1.5L E A/T worth RM63,000. Her family always been a fans of F&N beverages and especially for Raya this year, they stocked up various brands of F&N beverages during this festive period so that her relatives and friends who visit them have a good selection of drinks to pick from. She's happy that she took part in this contest and won a the car.

Fatin Shazwani Binti Hamdan, 26 years old, from Ipoh, Perak, who came in third place, brings home a complete state-of-the-art home theatre system comprising of 1 Samsung 65” UHD TV, 1 Samsung Home Theatre System and 1 JBL Sound Bar worth RM30,000. She's excited as her hubby didn't know of the prize she won. She's going to surprise her hubby with this brand new set of home theatre system and she can enjoy it with her family.

Sumengdiran Boyle A/L Ularkanazan, aged 32, from Penang and Chuan Wei Yiaw, aged 30, from Cheras, Kuala Lumpur, both walk away with RM10,000 cash each.

Group photo of Top 3 Winners of Ceria Raya Bersama F&N contest.
(Left – Right) Nadia Binti Mohamad Nasir (Second Prize Winner), Hidayati Binti Jamil (First Prize Winner) and Fatin Shazwani Binti Hamdan (Third Prize Winner).
Hidayati Binti Jamil (Middle), First Prize Winner of Ceria Raya Bersama F&N Contest receives a Toyota Innova 2.0E M/T worth RM97,000 from Jenny Wong, Head of Brand Marketing for F&N Beverages (Left) and Baskorohadi Sukatmo, General Manager of Marketing for F&N Beverages (Right).

Hidayati Binti Jamil is very happy to win the car because it's her dream to have a family car. She is
from Shah Alam, Selangor, she says that the challenges were not easy, but she's glad she completed them! Winning the Innova is a huge bonus for her because she joined this contest not expecting to come this far. She would have loved to win the house, but to be honest she is equally happy with her new set of wheels. 
Hidayati Binti Jamil, First Prize Winner of Ceria Raya Bersama F&N Contest brings home a Toyota Innova 2.0E M/T worth RM97,000.

Participating brands of Ceria Raya bersama F&N contest included 100PLUS, F&N Fun Flavors, F&N SEASONS NutriSoy, F&N SEASONS NutriWell, F&N SEASONS Tea and OISHI.

It's fun to see all happy faces of the finalists on the day. Now if you happen to see some contests, no harm to give it a try, who knows you might be lucky to be one of the winners. 


  1. So lucky... some people... hahaha.. for me I have tried this contest also but got nothing at all... so sad... huhuhu.....

  2. That really fun. Congrats to the winner. She deserve it.

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  12. Sherry, your kids not participated in this contest?
    This contest with lots of fun! I like the bottles one personally : )

  13. Awh congratulations to the winners! Looks like it was quite an event Sherry dear, hope you had tons of fun :D

  14. The activities looks so fun and exciting! Congrats to the winner, I am jealous of the winner who win a Toyota Innova back home!!

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  17. Hi Leona, you are not alone, I also want to win a car.

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  22. Hi cleffairy, yeah I join many contests but seldom lucky like them.


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