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Tuesday, September 15, 2015


Any desserts lover hers? I love to eat desserts and last Saturday I am invited to RT Pastry House in Subang Jaya.

Fonterra Foodservices Malaysia is embarking on a new initiative called Anchor Say Cheese campaign. This is to get more people like you to experience its best selling Anchor Cheese Cream through exclusive edition Anchor-branded dessert creations.

The world's first Anchor-branded Dessert Creation

This signature desserts, the favourites in line with current world dessert trends whereby Korean and Japanese inspired desserts are all the rave. Some of the desserts feature a dash of sea salt to bring out the creaminess of Anchor Cream Cheese. 

The delectable cream cheese indulgences included Kaizen Chizu Tart, Winter Magma and Karui Snow Cake were created by Fonterra's own in-house patisserie chefs using Anchor Cream Cheese,
and other Anchor products such as Anchor Cream, Anchor Butter and Anchor Cheese Slices. It is devine creamy goodness and taste will leave dessert lovers craving for more. 
The Kaizen Chizu Tart
The Kaizen Chizu Tart in particular, is a sea salt cream tart with a rich cream
cheese filling, topped with melted sliced cheese.
The distinct taste of sea salt complements the tart's luscious cheesy flavour.
If you are cheese lover, you'll like every bite of this. 
Just like my son, he couldn't resists every bite of it.

Time for dessert lover to indulgences Ice Mocha
Winter Magma, Karui Snow Cake with Mango taste.
Chocolate lovers will especially savour the Winter Magma, which is melt-in-your-mouth chocolate souffle. It has cream cheese centre and is simply divine.
The Karui Snow Cake on the other hand, is fruity taste (mango) and fresh. Topped with a buttery almond crumble, the petit vanilla chiffon cake is light and delicate with mango passion cream cheese filling.

These cream cheese indulgences are available at selected bakery partners throughout Malaysia from now until end of October 2015. They are sold in boxes of two's and four's.

The box of two's contain the Kaizen Chizu Tart, priced from RM11.00 per box,
and the box of four's, contains two Karui Snow Cake and two Winter Magma, priced from RM18.00 per box. The pricing varies by bakery

The RT Pastry House I went was located at SS15 Subang Jaya.
Address: B6-G, Jalan SS15/4D,
Subang Jaya, 47500 Selangor.
If you see a Public Bank at the corner shop, the RT Pastry is located same roll of the shop.

For your info the signature desserts are available in Klang Valley, can be found at all RT Pastry House outlets. The campaign has also gone live concurrently at Fonterra Foodservices' different bakery partners througout Malaysia, namely 
Yeast Pastry in Malacca, Happy Angle in Ipoh, Happy Chef Bakery in Sarawak, Port View Euro Bakery in Sabah and Bread History in Penang. SDS Bakery in Johor Bahru and Fung Seng in Muar will start this campaign by September 15. 
Each bakery will reproduce the recipes with their own signature style, sold in specially made Anchor packaging.

If you have interest to try out these yummy dessert do checkout the bakery as mention above. 


  1. The tarts so tempting. I love egg tarts. Must be creamy.

  2. Rose, looks like egg tart right? hehe..

  3. The cakes and the tarts looks delicious. Will try to make it myself then

  4. My cousin always buys me Opera cake from RT pastry... it is so yummy... and I like Anchor Cheese... I am sure they make a great combination

  5. i love having cakes and i think baking makes easy with Anchor. Nice as always

  6. Wow very nice place for desserts. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Desserts can make us happy. Good to have it to relax

  8. Very tempting desserts.... I'd really wanna try it out..

  9. Those are my fav desserts too will find them in bakeries soon

  10. Yum yum. Lovely desserts. I would love a bite too.

  11. ermmm yummy :))

    azney singgah BW dari segmen Emas Putih :)


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