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Saturday, May 16, 2015

Makeover Class

I attended the Malswisse's Makeover Class, I won it for Mother's Day contest but my mom is not free to attend so I bring my friend to attend the makeover class. It's four hour class but we shorten it to three hours. Malswisse is a school of beauty and wellness.

It's fun lesson for us as we get to learn about way to clean the makeup brushes.
We learn from basic on how to put on makeup and correct way to correct the smudge of makeup.
We chosen to attend the Malswisse at Empire Subang Jaya. They have another two branches in Malswisse SS2 and Malswisse Fahrenheitt 88.

Before get start with the makeup steps, our tutor of the day is Vanessa. She shares us info on skincare preparation.
Skin care preparation:

  1. eye and face makeup remover
  2. moisture milk cleanser
  3. deep cleasing gel
  4. scrub
  5. hydration masque
  6. toner
  7. serum
  8. moistuiser
  9. sunblock

Makeup Steps

  1. Foundation
  2. Powder
  3. Eyebrow
  4. eyePrimer & shadow
  5. eyeliner
  6. mascara
  7. blusher
  8. lips
To test whether the foundation is close to our skin color or not. We often tests on our hand, that's wrong! Correct way is try to test it on your face, just little bit of the foundation you'll know whether the foundation color is suitable for you or not.

We get to choose one eye shadow, I choose the brown AB21. 

We were taught not to put the bluh
How you like my makeover?
Left picture is the before the makeover, right picture after the makeover.
I learn so much from this makeover class with my friends.
It's a fun day's out with Miera, Kylie, Leona and Elana.
Here's me with red dress, shoes and bag of XES Premium Boutique
I like XES products, they are comfortable and fashionable anywhere, anytime.
My necklace and earrings are made of wooden beads.

photo credit to Leona
photo from left, Kylie, me, Leona, Elana, Miera

After the makeover class, we head over to 1 Utama to attend the Red Carpet of Astaxanthin, you can click on the link to find out about this product.

You can check out their Facebook for more info

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