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Friday, December 26, 2014

Shopping shoes and bags in XES at Quill City Mall

Ho! Ho! Ho! Look at my pretty nail, do they look like Christmas to you? 
Had my manicure done by "Ladies World" during the XES Christmas Glam Rock Party 2014 in Quill City Mall. Click on the link to view detail of the private event. 

If you are looking to shop for men shoes, check out some photos taken by me. If you have read my XES posts before you know that many photos taken by me in XES usually are woman shoes. Now you get to see more men shoes here.

They have variety of men shoes for your man to choose, bring him in the XES Premium to shop for their shoes.

I know my dear is looking for shoes like above for go working. 

Enough of seeing men shoes? Come check out my haul from XES 
Do you like my red shoes? 

Here's a pair of black shoes of mine that easy to mix and match for casual and formal.

What's in this bag?  

Scroll to these XES Signature bags and shoes, which bag is it in above photo? 

Many ladies shoes and bags to choose from, which is your favourite? 

The XES Signature bag.
I loving the choice of this bag. It's spacious and you can put many items in this bag.  

You can find many gift idea in XES, bags and shoes for woman. They have men shoes and kids' shoes too. 
F4-3A, 4th Floor at Quill City Mall, 
Jalan Sultan Ismail, 
50250 Kuala Lumpur. 

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