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Monday, July 6, 2015

Guardian Malaysia treated 100 children from three charity homes within Klang Valley

Last week I attended an event where Guardian Malaysia treated 100 children from three charity homes within Klang Valley to a delightful afternoon out in preparation of upcoming Hari Raya Aidilfitri. The event was held in Giant at Kinrara Puchong.

100 children aged 7 to 19 from Yayasan Chow Kit Kuala Lumpur, Rumah Amal Limpahan Kasih Puchong and Rumah Safiyyah Shah Alam were treated to an afternoon out, which included a shopping spree and buka puasa dining. The children’s excitement was infectious, with lively chattering and laughter heard throughout the shopping aisles as 12 Guardian Malaysia team members assisted them with the daunting task of choosing from the myriads of Hari Raya goodies.
Guardian Health Advisor Aishah Yunos shared with the children the importance of staying healthy via an interactive health and nutrition talk. Topics of discussion included the benefits of drinking water, nutritional facts about food and how food choices affect health.
The health talk session by Guardian Health Advisor Siti Aishah Yunos before the shopping spree and buka puasa session.  The health talk about nutrition and its importance to good health would equip them into adulthood. Teaching them the facts about high nutrition food vs. those poor in nutritional value will help them make informed choices. They can put what they learn to test in this holy fasting month as it will contribute hugely to the difference between feeling energetic or lethargic throughout the days

PR & Government Relations Assistant Manager of Guardian Health and Beauty Sdn Bhd, Farahani Failul Rahman with happy shoppers from charity homes.

Each child went home with RM100 worth of goodies, which included festive clothing, snack, toys, stationery, daily essentials and personal care products. Part of Guardian Malaysia's long-standing Corporate Social Responsibility efforts, the event was held under this year's theme Beramal Bersama Guardian. 

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A nail punctured my car's wheel

I am happy to be home sweet home, the moment I walked out of my car from the parking at Sunway Pyramid I saw my driver's side car's wheel half of the aired is gone. No kidding I thought my car wheel is losing its air. Few hours after I attended an event I came to my car and saw my car's wheel almost flattened. I drive slowly back home, I thought of going to nearest petrol station to pump air to the wheel. But I told my dear that I am coming home first.

My dear had dinner with his colleague and he just showered when I reach home. He checked my car's wheel and found a big nail stuck inside my wheel. Oh boy! This is bad as it's late almost 10pm the tyre shop is not open. So he had to change my flattened wheel with the replacement wheel which can only be used temporary.

Tomorrow I need to go nearest tyre shop to repair the wheel, I am not sure if it can be repair. If can't then I need to purchase a new wheel for my car. My dear's birthday today and he told me yesterday that today he's not coming home for dinner as he has dinner with is colleague. So I went for an event in the afternoon until night. I am glad I chosen the event that is nearest to me, imagine having a flatten tyre driving home if I choose to go another event which is in Midvalley.

Not long ago, I have a week off not going any events, it's truly a moment for myself, with friends and with my family.

Can you take a break from attending events? Yes you can! The decision is yours.

Parking at Sunway Pyramid today from around 3.00pm to 9.20pm it cost RM5. Today I have a good time with my blogger friends at the event, watched comedy movie Suamiku Jatuh Dari Langit and buffet dinner Ramadhan at Shogun, Sunway Pyramid.


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