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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Movie Review: Vacation Movie *18 above only

*Spoiler alert*

Everybody needs time off, so few days ago on Monday. I was being offer by screenbite to bring 9 friends together to watch movie with me. The movie is Vacation, strictly this movie is for age 18 years above only.

This is hilarious movie, it's family events where they every year would be going for a similar place for vacation but this time. Things changes as Rusty Grisworld (Ed Helms) he wants to surprise his wife and children that they are going to his childhood theme park. 

Why would I say this movie is 18 above only? Because the words use in the movie are mostly vulgar languages so not suitable for children to watch. We have a good laugh in this movie from start to the end of the movie. 

How a little brother is bullying his older brother? What are you going to do about it? Yeah this movie has got sibling bullying. The calling names part is the movie quite irritating. 

There's a lesson to learn after watching the movie, it's always pay attention on the road, don't look else where! Not even the car next to your, if you really wants to look or see just for a while not eye contact for such a long time. It creates road accident or death on road. 

Most funny where everyone laughing in the cinema hall would be in the mud bath. Alright I don't want to spoil your mood if you gonna watch this movie. 


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