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Thursday, August 27, 2015

Movie Review: Sinister 2 *not for weak heart*

Spoiler alert!

So fast it has been two years since I last watch Sinister, last night I watch Sinister 2 with my dear. 
The movie not suitable for children to watch, it's for 18 above only.

A mom who wants to protect her twins boys aged 9 years old Dylan and Zach. She and her boys stay's at a farm house home where she knew bad things had happened. Dylan can see many things but he's not telling his mom about it. He's been hiding his feeling towards her. Dylan was force to view documents of families murder. 

My dear and I got scare a few times while watching the movie. I believe not just us even the crowd in the cinema hall too.

Is the family of twins and their mom going to escape from being killed? Dylan and Zach's dad wanted the children back, he was abusive dad and Dylan is very scare of him. Zach is a big bully, he's always bully Dylan. 

In this movie you'll be seeing many ghosts child and shadows. 
After Sinister, now Sinister 2, the spooky man in the movie has never spook a word until now.
If you don't like to see blood, you'll not like this movie.
They are many rats and crocodile in the movie too. 
Also related to fishing trip, kitchen renovation, and many more.

Not going to spoil your mood to watch the movie, go ahead find out yourself. 

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