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Sunday, October 25, 2015


CITYSKIN MEDISPA is one stopped place for beautiful and healthy appearance.
It is combination of Clinic and Spa that not just offers service advice to people that love beauty and health. They also offer advice and guidance to people that have health problem.
Doctor Wan Julia Sham Dato Ariffin is a medical doctor, she is specialize in Anti-Aging and Esthetic. She says that it's important that society is better to be exposure related to hormon as it has affected health and everyday lifestyle. She is the first Malay doctor in Malaysia who received Board Certified in Anti Aging & Regenerative Medicine (ABAARM - A4M USA). 
Siti Farah is graduated with Entrepreneurship graduate degre from Lim Kok Wing Universiti. She also studied in Nutrition, has a Certificate in Nutrition and Health from Plaskett University, Malaysia. Then further studies in Beauty Therapist from City & Guilds London & Laurent Bleu, UCSI. She also holds a Paramedical Trichology Diploma from International Association of Trichologist, Sidney, Australia.

Cityskin Medispa is a combination of mother and daughter, Wan Julia Sham Dato Arrifin, 53 years old and her daughter, Siti Farah Azwin Abd Khalid, 26 years old. Both have same dream of combination of clinic and spa specialty for women and men that has high expectations. Many people didn't know of the combination of this MediSpa. Taking care of beauty and health both can do at the same time.  

Doctor Wan Julia and Siti Farah, have established CitySkin Medispa in year 2012 and also Hair Rich World Intergrated Tricology Center in year 2015. Besides giving awareness the important of take care of health and beauty, they have offer service in beauty and health especially skin care and problem of hair loss. The combination of two industries under one roof offer service of Health and Beauty along with the concept of "WELLNESS".

Imbalance of hormone happens when aging, unhealthy nutrition, lack of exercise, pollution of the environment and many more factor. If it is not medicate, there will be problem in growth of cell that caused hair loss and become depression will be affect the presentation of work and everyday lifestyle. One of the symptom that cause of imbalance hormone is tiredness, depression, high blood pressure, gaining weight, insomnia, obesity, infertility, hair loss, imbalance of menstrual period, migraine and others.
You can see one of the picture above which is the Laser Therapy

Proper vitamin supplementations and diet affects our hair and scalp quite dramatically. Taking supplement will give your hair the edge it needs to fight back against damage. Capsules of prime rose, flax seed, or cod liver oil improves your hair texture and prevents the brittleness.

Diet affects our hair and scalp quite dramatically. Well balanced diet actually produces good hair and most people don't like to hear that but, it's true. Crashing dieting causes hair loss. 
Everyone has a busy everyday lifestyle, it's time for me to take time off for a hair spa treatment. 
HairSpa Treatment Benefits

  • Reduce dandruff
  • Moisturizes hair
  • Stronger & relaxed scalp
  • Improve and restore cell regeneration for hair growth
  • Stress relief - prevents itching of the scalp 

Microscopic hair analysis on my hair scalp condition by Dr Khalid.

I have dry hair condition as well, after this one time hair spa treatment I can feel my hair less dry. 
My scalp condition dandruff and a bit of inflammation.

There will be a before and after Miscroscopic Hair Analaysis during the hair spa treatment.

Scalp Essential Massage is important as making our scalp to relax.
Do you know that other salon that scratching on scalp is bad for the scalp?
Don't worry if you are here as they do not use their nails to scratch your scalp.
Everyone has got different scalp condition, above is the suitable products to use during the hair spa treatment. Products used do not contain of harmful chemical ingredients. 
Enjoy my 1.5 hour of Hair Spa at Hair Rich World Integrated Trichology Centre in Bangsar

Hair wash time no scratching on scalp.

Your hairstyle shouldn't dictate your lifestyle
For the convenience of patients with alopecia or diseases of the scalp and hair,
Hair Rich World Integrated Trichology Centre has a unique system called 1-CENTRE.

1-CENTRE system is a complex of all possible types of professional services in the field of Trichology, as well as in style and beauty. 

  • Hair Loss & Dermatology
  • Hair Loss & Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy
  • Hair Loss & Nutrition
  • Professional Hair Designer
  • Hair Care Home Program

My hair after the hair spa treatment, feeling less frizzy, smooth and moisture.

For your information, Laser Therapy is their latest avant-grade laser technologies that provides a variety of treatment methods for baldness and a series of medical products as well as a system of integrated services to treat problems of hair loss. 
I didn't need to have laser therapy because my scalp condition do not need to use the Laser Therapy. 

If you have interest to go for HairSpa by Hair Rich. Schedule your appointment, you are welcome to use my referral code: SherryGo 

Hair Rich is Malaysia's pioneers in Medical Hair Loss and Hair Restoration treatments.
They can help understand the cause of your hair loss or scalp problems and can offer the widest range of Hair and Scalp treatments, from thinning hair and scalp irritations solutions, with bio-identical hormone (BIHRT) treatments to some of World's top Hair Transplant surgeons - for men and women
photo credit CITYSKIN MEDISPA Facebook

They have 2 sessions of Hair Spa for only RM299.
This package includes:
  • Scalp Detox Treatments
  • Scalp Essential Massage
  • Hair Keratin Kare
  • Hair Blow

*Valid for short and mid length hair.
*Additional RM20 is required for long hair.

Microscopic Hair Analysis for only RM49
Photo credit to CITYSKIN MEDISPA Facebook

Photo credit to CITYSKIN MEDISPA Facebook

Branches of Cityskin MediaSpa and Hair Rich:

Hair Rich World Intergrated Trichology Center
2-09 Level 2, Wisma Life Care, 5 Jalan Kerinchi,
Bangsar South,
59200 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03- 2242 0880

Cityskin Medispa
B7/1/1 Jalan Utama 1/2,  One Ampang Avenue Business Centre,
Taman Ampang Utama,
68000 Ampang, Selangor
Tel: 03- 4253 5257

For more information and updates you can also visit Facebook CITYSKIN MEDISPA


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