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Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Movie Review: Mr.Unbelievable

Happy New Year, it's the second week my children started schooling and kindergarten.
A little time off for myself and my dear, so we head for a movie.
On Monday night , attended the premiere screening of Mr.Unbelieveable.

The movie release date is 14 January 2016, this movie running time is 93 minutes.

If you like to watch oldies movies, this is suitable for you. 
Eric Kwek Hock Seng loves to sing, he's born on 9 August 1965, same date as national day of Singapore. Language in the movie consists of Chinese, English and various dialects (Hokkien and Mandarin). 

Eric raised in a predominantly dialect and Mandarin-speaking environment. 
Eric decided to change Chinese songs to English lyrics because "Ge-tai" business not doing well.

This movie is interesting and encourage, it encourages everyone to believe and persist in your aspirations no matter how old you are. Undeterred, Eric Kwek sets off on a musical journey that sees little awards. He resolve finally pays off at age 50. 

Director of the movie is Ong Kuo Sin
Full cast : Chen Tien Wen, Roy Loi, Rosh Zhang, Liu Ling Ling and Marcus Chin
 To watch trailer, please click here
To listen song, please click here.
The songs in the movie, brings back childhood memories to my dear and me as the songs sound familiar. It's a comedy movie that brings you laughter too. 

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