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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

US Potato Fest, Culinary Best @KDU University College

photo credit to Geozo
It's January and Chinese New Year just two weeks away. This is a post that I have been waiting to write and share with you. An US Potato Fest, Culinary Fest that was held in December at KDU University College at Utropolis Glenmarie. It was seven weeks ago I join the cooking challenge.

US Potato Fest, Culinary Best
On the day, the event registration at 11am. It's my first time to go there, I used waze to get there.
The event starts about 11.30 in the morning, dietitian Indra Balaratnam was there to share her knowledge on potatoes. Before that, there were U.S. Potato Representative and Agricultural Attache that give their welcome speech on the event.
photo credit to Nannie
During the event, Chef Kenneth Kam has demo three recipes and demo. They are Puree of U.S Potato Soup, Roasted Quail with U.S Potato Stuffing & U.S Hash Brown, and Creamy Gratin U.S Potatoes.

beautiful, Rose Potato created by SHERAY
My partner Ayue with me took part in US Potato Fest, Culinary Fest cooking challenge. We named our team as SHERAY because I am Sherry and she is Ayue, so combination the named SHERAY. We got to think of the name for our team and also what we want to cook before take part in the challenge. Both of us also love roses, roses are red, and roses with thorns too.
If you have been following my instagram @sherrygo, you'll see my social updates from there.
Before the cooking starts we get to choose US potatoes that we need to use, then we are given an hour to cook. 

They are total of ten teams that took part, and all of us are bloggers. Yeah even our partners in cooking. Below the top photo is team Chikiboom created by Khai/Nannie.

 So ten recipes created on the US Potato Culinary Challenge, because of we need to get in the hall for let the judges to try the meals. I didn't get to snap all the photos.

Every team has come up with delicious meals for judges to try. Indeed we have make two sets the same, one for display and the other set for judges to try. #USpotatoes can create many delicious food, desserts and soup. Endless creativity, and instant success if you know how to cook them.
Can you spot which is the creation by SHERAY? 
photo credit to Mr. Jocko.

They are total of Three Winners that won cash prizes and a trophy. 
Grand Prize : RM1,000 cash and a trophy (Elana Khong/Sidney Kan)
Second Prize: RM500 cash and a trophy (Nannie/Khai)
Third Prize: RM300 cash and trophy (team Sheray)

Yeah team Sheray won 3rd Prize, because the judges loved our rose potatoes. It was a fun day as everyone has been there from morning til afternoon around 3.30 pm.

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