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Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Mendhi: Creating a Serious Beauty Trend

Mendhi: Creating a Serious Beauty Trend

Mehendi design offers a beautiful, intricate alternative to ink-based, permanent tattoos. These stunning henna-based designs have been a major part of fashion in India, Pakistan, and the Middle East for centuries. Many women, from actresses down through professionals dressing up for a wedding, have found these designs a great fashion statement. There are many fashion-conscious women even outside of India that have found these tattoos worthy of their attention.

Traditional Reasons for Mehndi

Women have decorated their hands and feet with mehndi for thousands of years in celebration of special festivals. Brides use these designs as a vitally important part of their wedding festivities. The free-flowing designs favored in Arabic countries have also started to increase in popularity in Western countries in recent years. Many women today wear them for the look, rather than having a specific occasion.

Popularity as Tattoos

Many women in Western countries prefer mehndi designs to traditional tattoos because they wash off eventually and provide an alternative to conventional tattoos. Using this temporary, washable option is a great way to express your creativity, without having a permanent tattoo. It is also possible to have the designs done with different shading, for a great overall look that stands out from other tattoos.

A Way to Honor Diversity

One of the ways in which many women use this tattoo style is to honor their ethnic background with unique designs. Although associated with India and Middle Eastern designs, mehndi tattoos are also a way to honor other cultures and even some religions. African tribal tattoos using traditional designs are common, and this method is also popular for Western designs, such as Celtic symbols.

Practical for Fun Events

Applying mehndi tattoos is not only fun for a bride and her party before a wedding but is also a fun activity for special events. Some prefer mehndi tattoos as a temporary option over airbrushed tattoos because no special equipment is involved. Another advantage is the fact that henna is a natural substance. Craftsvilla offers many interesting ideas for how these tattoos may be put to use. There are many more possibilities than you may have thought possible.  

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