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Sunday, May 29, 2016


Herbaline Puchong

I was one of the bloggers that been invited to "BEAUTY AND THE FEAST SPA PARTY" at Herbaline Puchong. I love spa as we can pamper ourselves, especially working folks and mommies like me. We need time out for this session. Thanks Sidney Kan for inviting me to this session with bloggers.

I used waze to find this location it's not tough at all, you can arrived Herbaline Puchong by using waze. I like to go Puchong and didn't know there's a nice Herbaline available there.

Herbaline Puchong is located at No.39, Jalan Layang-layang 4, Bandar Puchong Jaya, Puchong, 47170 Selangor.

with lovely ladies at the Herbaline Puchong

It's truly a special moment being welcome by lovely ladies at Herbaline Puchong, check out Herbaline Puchong as you can not just find spa but also Mama Kim next to it. It's nice place to let your girlfriend or wife to enjoy herself, while you can enjoy your meal or tea session there.

There are lockers in the Herbaline that we can keep our belongings to enjoy ourselves. Shoes rack is available inside, we can use their slippers to walk about.
15 minutes of shoulder massage and hands massage
The staff is friendly and they will ask you if you want to have the massage harder or lesser pressure. They will request to remove of watch and accessories on hands as they want to massage the hands.

After the massage, we can enjoy foot spa. Yeah with me is Leona, we enjoy the 15 minutes of foot spa. There's a scoop and brush set available that we can ease ourselves. A scoop of salt is put in the water before we get started. There is a towel for each of us to wipe our foot after the foot spa.

foot spa in Herbaline
SeaSalt room, you can find three comfort seating chair there.
After the foot spa, we are bring up to the room upstairs. We saw this amazing room, nice big sea salt room for you to pamper. I was told that the salt is supposed use to cover ourselves and it's good for detoxification. Salt in the room can be use not just on legs but also on our bodies. There are robes available to change in another room.

Leona enjoy herself in the sea salt room
The sea salt imported from Milan, 15 minutes my foot under the sea salt then to another room for clean up.
First impression when walk into the room full of sea salt, I was like wow where do you get all these sea salt?

Next we tour the massage room, there's couple room as you can see photo below. Other is single room, if you like to have a good massage with your loved one, you can book for the couple room. You can choose to have your facial or massage there, nice environment and unique experience to have there.

couple room
lockers available, the shower room is Japanese style concept.
Moving on, follow me to MamaKim next door

 Herbaline Puchong with Mama Kim next to it, you can find this truly a lovely combination because you can have your loved ones waiting you while you enjoy the pampering moments. 

Welcome drink to serve us is the passion fruits drink
Healthy salad meal for a good start

 Next we have the signature dish of the Mama Kim, it is the sauna Mee.
the portion of sauna Mee is quite big, you can request for add soup.
 Mama Kim uses 80% of vegetables and 20% of meat.
The claypot was put in oven for 45 minutes using 250%.
That's why we have been told not to use silver spoon, it's very hot. 

dessert of the day was pulut hitam rice. coconut milk that we can add in.

Managing Director, Mr. CK Low giving his speech at Mama Kim.
 Indeed a fruitful day for me with bloggers at the "BEAUTY AND THE FEAST SPA PARTY". Now you know where to find a place where you can let your loved ones to enjoy herself, while you can sit and sip your drink or dine at Mama Kim.

The Herbaline Global Wellness Group, they inspire to offer a unique and holistic wellness experience based on the 'Eat Well; Look Well; Live Well' principle via 3 primary brands. From the refreshing Facial Spa and Therapeutic Massage by Herbaline Facial Spa, to hearty and delicious meals by Mama Kim, and a relaxing setting in the Sojourn Guest House.

If you like to more information you can visit or


  1. Really a pamper session for ladies and mommies! Any prenatal massage treatment for preggy mommy? Thank you.

  2. I've heard about this alot! Looks very promising!


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