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Thursday, May 5, 2016

Pets Need Love, Too

Dogs need to know that they are loved just as much as people. You can make dog gift baskets for any occasion, such as a holiday, birthday or if the dog has new puppies. Another idea is to make a basket for an owner who has recently taken a dog into the home, making it easier to have all of the essential supplies that are needed to care for the animal.

First, get a container for the items that you want to give. A basket works well as it can easily be carried with all of the items inside. You could also use a dog bed, letting the animal use the bed after the items are removed. Think about the reason you are making the basket as this can help you gather the items that will go inside. Try to include a variety of gifts, such as treats and toys. Colors should relate to the gender of the dog. Creating a basket based on a theme, such as wishes for getting well or a birthday, makes it easier to know what to include.

Place a filler on the bottom of the basket to act as a base. Add the largest items first. This will allow you a little more freedom when it comes to placing the small items along the edges. A large plush toy or even a bag of dog food is easy to begin with. Once the center object is in place, begin adding the smaller items on either side so that they look like a pyramid. Treats are ideal to use in a basket along with grooming supplies, bones, blankets and toys. Use toys that are the proper size for the animal. Don't get something that is too large for the dog to enjoy.

An example of a basket for a dog that just had a litter of puppies might include a warm blanket or small collars for the puppies. Decorative bones and cookies add color to the basket. Try to find items that blend with the occasion, such as orange and black treats for Halloween or something that jingles for Christmas. Wrap the entire basket with cellophane, securing it with a ribbon at the top

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