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Monday, May 2, 2016

Things to Know Before Starting Nursing School

Going to nursing school helps you start out your future career on the right food. Many of these programs take between two and for years to finish and prepare you to take the licensing exam in your state. Until you pass that exam, which includes a background check, you cannot work as a nurse anywhere in the country. Those who successfully complete these programs attend a pinning ceremony that awards them with their nursing pin. Before you jump right in and enroll in a local program, make sure you understand more about nursing school.

Free Time is Rare

You might enroll in nursing school after seeing your friends partying and having fun in college. While nursing programs can be fun, those programs are also extremely hard. A small number of students have so many problems that they drop out or change majors within the first year. Part of what makes nursing school so hard is that free time is so rare. Between going to school, finishing your assignments and doing your clinical rotations, you may not have enough time for your friends or even yourself.

You're Responsible for Your Supplies

As a nursing student, you can responsible for all the supplies you need during your clinical rotations. Clinical rotations are the rotations that you do in a hospital or medical office that counts towards the credits needed for graduation. You will need at least one pair of scrubs, but most students find it helpful to have one pair for each rotation they do during the week. The cost of buying those supplies is fairly high, but you can save money with cheap scrubs that you buy online.

Graduating Doesn't Mean You Are a Nurse

With many college programs, students can go to work right after finishing their studies. This isn't true of nursing students. Once you finish the program, you need to apply for a license in your state, authorize the police department to do a background check from your fingerprints and take the NCLEX, which is the national nursing license exam. Unless you pass both the background check and the examination, you cannot become a nurse. You'll need to reapply to take that test and pass a background check each time. Though nursing is a rewarding career, there are some things like these that students should know before they start nursing school.

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  1. Other than those paper qualification, it needs a loving and passionate person to be a nurse.


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