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Friday, June 10, 2016

‘Girang Syawal Tiba’- Ramadan Raya Mydin 2016 Promotion

Founder and Managing Director of Mydin Mohamed Holdings
Bhd, Dato’ Dr. Haji Ameer Ali Mydin showing media/blogger about the types of dates/kurma.

Recently I was invited to MYDIN MALL to attend the Media/Blogger Tour "Girang Syawal Tiba" - at MYDIN MAll Subang Jaya. I know many of my friends like to eat dates, also known as Kurma in Malay Language. There are many types of dates available at there to choose from.

MYDIN MALL is a family mall, there have a wholesale at higher level that you can shop in bulk.
I have upload more photos of the tour, you can view by click on album 1, and album 2 of my Facebook Fan Page.
Big dates, just look at the size of the dates.
Dates can be a good gift to friends and family members, do you like to eat dates?
By the way, if you are shopping but butter, recently I have shared the photo on my instagram @sherrygo that the Buttercup 250gm butter at RM2.900 each. 

Besides dates they are also variety of pin or magnet brooch to choose from. We usually see pin brooch but now they have the magnet brooch that you can easy use to put it on. Using the magnet brooch will not puncture a hole to tudung.
Many choices of brooch, that you can shop there as it comes with a pair instead of one piece depends on you liking. Below you can see the unique brooch each piece selling at RM15.90.
Shopping for Raya clothes, visit MYDIN MAll as many choice of Raya clothes available Baju Kurung from size S to XXXL with price range of RM29.90 to RM179.90.
Pretty rainbow baju kurung at RM79.90

Layered down at RM129.90
If you haven't got time to shop for Raya clothes, time to spend time to see what's available in MYDIN MALL.
Blogger Ayue, saw this beautiful baju kurung.
Baju Melayu also available at price range of RM49.90 to RM79.90 from Size S to XL size.
Jubah Wanita
Jubah Wanita from price range of RM39.90 to 179.90. Price range is depend on the designs of the Jubah Wanita.
many colors of Tudung to choose from at MYDIN MALL

Jars for Raya Cookies at affordable price
Unlimited Spices available at MYDIN MALL
If you are looking for spices, you can find variety of choices of spices there. We can smell the spices on the spot. MYDIN MALL has many local made products, made in Malaysia. There's a section that you can find the locally made products, support local products.

Syrian Immigrants Humanitarian Mission Program organized by Kementerian Dalam Negeri (KDN) & MYCARE. It involves 17 families, 68 Syrians. MYDIN sponsoring grocery items for Syrians within 3 months from June to August 2016. Range of contribution per month each family is RM500.

Thank you MYDIN MALL for inviting me, if you have interest to see more or shopping do visit MYDIN MALL nearest to you. ‘Girang Syawal Tiba’- Ramadan Raya Mydin 2016 Promotion is happening at all MYDIN MALL.
For more info please visit

Raya decorations and lighting available at MYDIN MALL.

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