Monday, July 4, 2016

Design your own t-shirt @SoBi

It's the month of July and tomorrow is Hari Raya, here I am to wish my Muslim friends Selamat Hari Raya and happy holidays to non-Muslim friends. Tomorrow is also a special day as my dear's birthday also fall on tomorrow.

Today I am going to share with you on where you can design your own t-shirt. I received the parcel from SoBi, it's courier by Poslaju. Happy to see my parcel as I love the t-shirt that I have designed online using the Studing of Bright Ideas (SoBi).

This is the 1st t-shirt online design website, look a the color of the shirt that you can choose. It's my first time to wear orange color shirt. I never have a shirt in orange color before. I am loving this color ORANGE, do you think this t -shirt color suitable for me?
Love my t-shirt and I have also upload photos on My Fan page, click on the link.
I like to design my own t-shirt and I have chosen a crown, a scorpion as I am a Scorpio, a heart shape plus putting an URL of my parenting blog I chosen the XXL size and do you know there's XXXL size available too. I am plus size so I need to choose bigger size for me, if you are extra small size you can choose XS size. They have size of XS to XXXL t-shirt to choose.

I make full use of the t-shirt design as I also want to have an attractive back view. Follow me on instagram on @sherrygo and my son's @seanleiys. There's more as you can see a pair of wings and my lifestyle blog on it.
Back view of my shirt, design your own t-shirt at SoBi

There is no minimum order, you can just design one t-shirt if you want. Get start with your online order now as it has offer delivery to your door step. They offer Free Shipping on Hari Raya until 15 July 2016.

Don't just read here, you can design your own t-shirt at Studio of Bright ideas (SoBi), click on the link to view more colors of the t-shirt.
It's a son and mom movie night together.


Nice colour!! Hahah. I like bright colours and orange really stands out. Looks like a good present idea.


How much is it to design your own t-shirt? The pre-existing art works are not nice and I don't have any art of my own to upload. :(


Oh this is so cute!!!! Great idea for gifts and personalisation :)


Another birthday gift idea! I can design if for my friends and family now! Your design is so nice, at the same time can promote ourselves! :D


looking great Sherry..will check out Sobi myself.. might need one or two made too... thanks for the recommendation


Wow! Good design.. It's always great to custom made our tshirt design!


so cute of you and son! now printing t shirt is so easy! i will love to do some.


So cool! Custom T-shirt! Love it! Great way to promote ur blog too hehe get ppl curious about it


designing ow nshirt is what i love to do all this while. Great job dear.


This website is so convenient, and with no minimum purchase we can own our own design T shirt!


Didn't know about this online service until I read your post, thanks for the info sharing :)


oh u receive urs!! but mine one not yet.. white color is out of stock now :(


So cute the design of your T-shirt. Does the quality of the T-shirt is thick?


Thanks for sharing this, am gonna check it out to design my own too;) cheers, SiennyLovesDrawing


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