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Friday, July 15, 2016

Taxi Rides Made Safer with JomProtect

Everyone has got a busy lifestyle especially full time stay at home mom like me. It is tough to go from one destination to another when there's no own transportation. There's time that we need to send our cars to service center and at the same time we have commitment to fetch our beloved children. With the smart phone today we can install the Jomtaxi app to our smart phone. Tune Protect has joins forces with Jomtaxi to introduce JomProtect, a FREE insurance plan designed to protect passengers throughout their journey, making taxi riders safer. Good news to everyone as currently available in Kuala Lumpur.
Jomtaxi founders are Valens and George Grama, both of them are passionate about building world changing technology.

George Grama
Founders and former managers of iCab and Mondo Taxi, which is:
iCab: A reputable taxi media owner which has 6,000 taxis sign up.
Mondo Taxi: The leading taxi ordering app in Romania and Moldova.
JomTaxi represents the international effort of the two founders.

Jomtaxi launched the nation's foremost ride-hailing app the help passengers to get a taxi quicker while providing an alternative for taxi drivers to earn additional income more efficiently in March 2016. Introduced at advent of other ride-hailing apps, it aims to make the taxi booking environment more friendly and exciting, ultimately providing an avenue for taxi drivers to compete with other ride-sharing providers.

I know it's not easy to hail down a taxi on the road, Jomtaxi is a free smartphone app that allows to order a licensed taxi. I have downloaded the app on my phone. The multi-lingual app is available in English, Mandarin and Malay language. You can choose the prefer language that you preferred.

Jomtaxi took one step further by including several functions such as 'call-back' which allows users to call the driver should they accidentally leave their belongings in the taxi. This is good as I am sure you'll be panic when you left your valuable behind. Why wait? Get start by down the app to your smart phone now.

welcome screen

You can choose taxi type, pick up location and drop off location.

The app will show estimation of fare rate. Customer can choose current order or reschedule an order.  
 The system cater to handle promo code.
System checking for closest and available drivers for the assignment. 

The Jomtaxi app allows customer to choose driver based on their rating and comments by riders. Once customer accept the job customer can view driver location and other detail. Customer can give rate to driver and even add or block any driver to ensure safety. Not just about safety of customer. The driver will send you a 'Buzz' he arrives so that you will know exactly when he's outside waiting for you.

JomProtect is specially designed by Tune Protect, a leading digital insurance provider that is championing its cause to make insurance easier, more accessible, affordable and relevant to consumers; in line with the values behind creation of Jomtaxi app that sets out to offer convenience not only to passengers but also taxi drivers.

Unique to Jomtaxi, the JomProtect plan is integrated into the app booking system whereby passengers who are registered for the specific taxi ride will automatically be included as the insured in this tailor-made insurance policy. Safety first, making a purchase though this app, passengers who journey with a taxi will automatically enjoy the complimentary insurance coverage valued at up to RM10,000. You can check their website for more details on the complimentary insurance coverage.

I know if I am going for a trip, I will be interested to hail down a taxi to arrive the destination of departure on time. Now I can travel confidence and peace-of-mind on every journey, even if it was for a short distance.

If you like to know more information of the Jomtaxi please visit, you can also follow their update on

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