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Thursday, August 25, 2016

EnerZ Indoor Extreme Park

It's a fun morning as I was invited to attend the EnerZ Indoor Extreme Park Reopens! Spread over 80,000 square feet of space, EnerZ Indoor Extreme Park - one of Asia's Largest Indoor Extreme Park and Sports Arena. It's a fun place that my son and I enjoy to jump the Trampoline.It's a fun place to play and sweat it out as my son and have visited this place few years back. You can click on the link for the last post.
speech by Managing Director of Enerz Indoor Extreme Park, Mr. Alvin Tey
 It's a fun destination where young at heart with energy to burn, this indoor park is suitable for visitors of all ages who are keen to experience the thrills and excitement of extreme adventure sports.
group photo of the VIPs.
 Colorful platforms, suspended ropes, vertical walls and a variety of play areas fill the arena, promising a dizzying array of adrenalin-pumping activities and games for all ages.

With a variety of high-intensity activities such as trampolines, dodge balls, foam pits, basketball and badminton courts. EnerZ is a great venue for families and friends to take a break of avoid the jam after office hours. Subang Jaya folks now know where they can sweat it out and have time off their family members to sweat it out together.
 In conjunction with its re-opening, EneZ has expanded to include more crazy platforms like the Gladiator, where contenders will joust each other in epic battles.
 Ninja Warrior which requires participants to climb their way out a tricky cube; and Meltdown, where participants will jump, duck and give to avoid being knocked-off the platform by merciless, swinging mechanical arms.
 Check out the videos, my friends above having a good time jumping into the foam pit. You can view photos at my Facebook album 1 and album 2. If you like to follow my blogs updates you can click like my Facebook fan page.
Don't just read here you can also visit their Facebook EnerZ Indoor Extreme Park to view their updates and promotion.
Thank you Bro Framestone for inviting me to this event

It's easy to reach the location by using waze, I drove there by following there. It is located next to Honda, by the way front the EnerZ Indoor Extreme Park you will see a mamak store. The entrance to go in EnerZ Indoor Extreme Park is at side of the building you can drive in side to park, you will notice the entrance at the side of the building.


  1. Great place for hangout and fitness... extremely fantastics!... must repeat datang belajar lompat2 lagi nanti... :) :)

  2. Another new spot for fitness ! Cool! Many exciting games to join !

  3. Ahaa ofkosss repeat lagii 😆😆 my neck terrible pain, cannot pusing kiri kanan daaa. Trhempap smalam ahaa. Tapii tak puass, nak pegi lagi. 💪🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻


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