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Monday, September 26, 2016

Legoland Hotel: Pirate theme room

 It's family at Legoland Hotel, this is my family members first time coming to Legoland Malaysia. They are excited as we are staying in the Pirate theme room, the last time I was here I stayed in Adventure theme you can click on the link to view the room.
It's Spooktacular Fun wtih Legoland Malaysia Brick-or-Treat, you can click the link to view. The entrance of Legoland Hotel, my son spotted the Halloween wall stickers and love to make a pose there.
 The lobby of the Hotel is big and you can find a castle and a pirate ship there. Children have a good time making the best Lego bricks they liked.
A great time for the kids as they will not want to leave the place because they love to make lots of LEGO.
Both of my sons enjoy themselves and taking their time to build any toys they like with LEGO.
The lift we take up has music inside and my boys none stop move their body, this show how much they loved being in Legoland Hotel.

 A family room that you can see kids enjoy to watch animation movie of their choice. There's a sliding door between the master bedroom and the room. You can choose to slide the door if you prefer some privacy.
 It's very cute room as you can see a pirate room theme that we love and enjoy ourselves.
 Love my room as it's pirate, my son has get start to find the answer for the quiz for the treasure.
It's my boys first time to sleep on double decker, my eldest son YS that sleep the upper bunk in the night. His little brother like to sit up there to watch movie.
 The hotel staff is friendly and we called them to check the TV as we not able to turn on the channels. They came and repaired and then the receptionist also give us a called to check if everything is okay.
A quick shower will do for us as we need to go for Halloween Brick-or-Treat
LEGOLAND® Hotel will also be featuring a special Halloween Day & Night Hotel Promotion:

Booking Period: 25 Aug - 30 Oct 2016
Stay Period: 18 Sep - 31 Oct 2016 

What Halloween heroes will get:
* Daily breakfast
* Dinner for 2 adults and up to 3 children below 6 years old (3rd adult or child above 7
years is chargeable at RM95/adult & RM50/child)
* Halloween Brick-Or-Treat Commemorative Brick (one brick per child in room, while
stocks last)
* Day & Night Hotel Halloween activities
my sons spotted this Halloween Brick or Treat

Furthermore, you will be able to enjoy the many exciting activities that will be hosted by the hotel. The Day &a Night Hotel Halloween activities include LEGO® Colouring, Witch Cat Building Speed Challenge, Ghostly Bowling, Three Magic Witches musical performance, Little Chef Pastry Making and lots more.

Don't just read here, you can also follow the updates on Facebook Legoland Malaysia, and visit their website
Unlocked the treasure quest and we've got the Lego toys and stickers.
LEGOLAND Malaysia Halloween Brick or Treat awaiting you to join.
We have a great time at LEGOLAND MALAYSIA.

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Spooktacular Fun with LEGOLAND® Malaysia Resort

Halloween Brick-Or-Treat Party Nights
Hey you.. yes you! I have got something to tell you come closer so I can let you know. There's Halloween celebrations at LEGOLAND Malaysia Resort awaiting you right around the corner. This time, it's bigger and better party there's a whole new spooktacular fun along with Halloween-themed activities lined up from September 16 to October 31, 2016. Come join Lord Vampyre for the ultimately family Halloween Party night!
my son dressed up as Jason
Halloween Brick-or-Treat this year, they have 10 pop-up huts with awesome goodies sponsored by local favourites such as MILO, Staedler, Julie's Haribo, Ribene, Canon and many more... you can meet their Halloween roving characters along the trail.

In conjunction with the Merlin’s Magic Wand Global Fun Festival, LEGOLAND Malaysia also hosting 100 underprivileged kids from orphanage homes in Malaysia in collaboration with PUDU Rotary Club on 23rd September, 2016. Click above video to view.
23 September 2016 media day, kids with cute costumes above are the winners.

At LEGO® Kingdom Lord, will be dressed up in the most spook-tastic décor with large lighted pumpkins, cute supersized spiders and cob webs, bats, and scarecrows to scare and delight Halloween lovers. The park hours will be extended to 8.30pm on Brick-or-Treat Party Nights (Fridays and Saturdays).

Follow the trail and complete a Halloween activity inside each hut to receive a limited edition Halloween commemorative brick.

1st Hut: Collect Halloween Brick or Treat bag and complete LEGO® Star Wars Miniland activity.
2nd Hut: Find hidden LEGO® bats and count them
3rd Hut: Loudest and scariest laughter with the Witch
5th Hut: LEGO® Monster - memory games
6th Hut: Registration for Lord Vampyre's Maze and gets your stamp
7th Hut: Floating LEGO® pumpkin
8th Hut: LEGO®ring toss
9th Hut: Mummy Bowling
10th Hut: Guess the weight of LEGO® Bats replicas

 Photos taken not in particular orders, you can see kids and adult enjoy themselves at the venue. You can view more photos by click on the album which I have uploaded the photos to Facebook page.
Children happily received their Halloween Brick or Treat bag to get start with journey of ten huts as mentioned above.

Don't forget to redeem your Halloween bag and limited edition Halloween commemorative Brick at the end of the trail. 

There's Halloween Show-'Monster Catcher Mayhem" located at the Castle Stage, LEGO® Kingdoms.
my sons resting at the bench, Ninja turtle costume and killer Jason cosutme
  Howling wolves LEGO of full moon, sighted not far from the bench.
Halloween stage performance at LEGO® Kingdom Lord, Lord Vampyre.

My sons both taking their turn to have their stamped. Look at that scary Halloween costume.
My sons are so happy and it's a fun night for them, you got to experience it yourself.  At LEGO® Kingdom will be dressed up in the most spook-tastic décor with large lighted pumpkins, cute supersized spiders and cob webs, bats, and scarecrows to scare and delight Halloween lovers. The park hours will be extended to 8.30pm on Brick-or-Treat Party Nights (Fridays and Saturdays). 
Halloween cupcakes, which is you favourite?

At Brick-or-Treat trail at LEGO Kingdom, there will be a terror-rific interactive Halloween Show with LEGO Frankenstein and Witch. Also classes on making your very own Magic Cupcakes and Potion Drinks to bind your friends in spooky spells. Then run along to Miniland where the Zombies and Ghouls will be having a story telling session.

Performance that media enjoy on the 23 September, dance performances that everyone enjoy.

So much fun there, you can find out the Pirate theme room I stayed in LEGOLAND HOTEL, click on the link to view it. If you travel all the way there like me, I am sure you prefer to book a room to stay, check out the post as I have mentioned of the Halloween Day & Night Hotel promotion.
kids in Halloween costumes
Now you can start thinking what kids love to wear for their Halloween costume night. The park hours will be extended to 8.30pm on Brick-or-Treat Party Nights (Friday and Saturdays). 
For the entire 'Party Night' period, make sure that your kid turns up in a costumes gets to enter for free. 

For further information on promotions and activities for Halloween Brick or Treat Party Nights at LEGOLAND Malaysia Resort, please visit and stay connected with them via social handles Facebook to find out more on online Halloween promotions.

Friday, September 16, 2016

Guardian Walkathon 2016 @Putrajaya Wetland

Family and friends early morning walkathon
 It's Malaysia Day 15 September 2016, early morning with my classmate to join the Guardian Walkathon 2016. There's rain in the morning and it didn't stop participants to take part in the walk. Some people using umbrella and also wearing costume at the walkathon. Many participants have bring their umbrella to the event so that they can enjoy the walk together with friends and families.
Walkathon participants wearing costumes at the walk
 They came in groups and as families; young and old, and many came in special national costumes to mark the occasion. As having fun and quality time were part of morning's agenda, the walkathon had two events - the 3-kilometer fun walk and the 5-kilometre fun walk.

Besides the walk, there were more games and a lucky draw for everyone. For the participants, they not only benefitted from a morning of healthy activities but weren't home that their effort benefitted hundreds of oprhans and needy children of fifteen homes.

The winner of the Most Outstanding Costume Competition received Guardian vouchers worth RM1,000. Ten others received consolation prizes of RM100 Guardian vouchers each and a goodie bag. Once again congratulations to the winners.
costume contest winners
 In conjunction with the walkathon, Guardian Malaysia donated a total of RM300,000 to 15 homes across the country. Each home received RM20,000. Part of the charity funds came from the Walkathon ticket sales, but the bulk of the RM300,000 came from Guardian Malaysia.

Representatives of three of homes received their cheques from Christina Low, Marketing Director at the prize presentation ceremony. They are from the Rumah Penyayang Ulin Nuha; Pusat Jagaan Kanak-kanak Yatim Muhammad Al-Fateh, Pusat Jagaan Pertubuhan Anak-Anak Yatim Darul Aminan.
Representatives of three of homes received their cheques from Christina Low, Marketing Director at the prize presentation ceremony. They are from the Rumah Penyayang Ulin Nuha; Pusat Jagaan Kanak-kanak Yatim Muhammad Al-Fateh, Pusat Jagaan Pertubuhan Anak-Anak Yatim Darul Aminan.

Ms Christina Low, speaking at the ceremony, thanked all the participants for contributing to the success of walkathon and supporting the Company's efforts to help those in need. She said: "Guardian Malaysia is the largest pharmacy, health and beauty retailer with 400 stores all over the country."
Fun games at the event, where children play fishing the ducky

Now in it's 7th year, the walkathon has always included a charity element, with funds raised for various different causes. 

I have shared some photos taken at the event, you can refer to Guardian Walkathon 2016 album. Click on the link to view it.
One of the fun activities at the walkathon is able to feed Chickaboo, look at the video to see my friend feeding it. There's pet food of Chickaboo available for sell to feed the Chickaboo there.

If you have follow me on social media, you also see that I have upload the photos at Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Click on the link to view it. It's fun walkathon day at Putrajaya Wetland on Friday, can't wait to participate for next year Guardian Walkathon 2017.

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Centa Svelte Slender Jelly review

Centa Svelte Slender Jelly
 Good day to everyone, it's been a busy week. There's a beauty product not sure if you know of it. It is Centa Svelte Slender Jelly, Centa Svelte is formulated by Swiss Biotechnologies International in Genva, Switzerland. Sound like beauty country to go which I have not go before.

Centa Svelte Slender Jelly
 This product is a type of slimming product in Jelly form and is tste just like berries. Taste nice as I tried it, a box of it consists of 20 sachets of jelly in packing. Other than that, there's a discount RM5 voucher which can be use for the next purchase.

It helps to burn body fat, stop far formation and reduce hunger which slims down in a healthy way. Don't forget to drink plenty of water after consume. A sachet is take before breakfast and before dinner. That means 2 sachet of jelly a day.

side of the packaging you can also visit the Facebook for more info.
It contains Gracini Cambogia which prevents fat formation and also reduce hunger pangs, good for you if you are always on the move. It keeps blood sugar and cholesterol levels in check.

Purple tea which is one of the best anti-oxidant ingredients among the tea. L-Carnitine helps to burn excess fat while baby citrus fruit increase metabolic rate and acai berry lowers cholesterol level and is a high anti-oxidant fruit.
Remember is take one sachet before breakfast and one before dinner. Once open the sachet must be taken immediately. Product is available at Watsons and Guardian Malaysia. Each box of Centa Svelte Slender Jelly is RM95.30.

The benefits of consume this product:
  • Burn fat
  • Prevent fat formation
  • Promote active metabolism
  • Boost immunity
  • Reduce hunger pangs
  • Drain toxins
  • No additives or preservatives
  • Gelatin-free
  • Natural ingredients

a photo of me before taking the Centa Svelte Slender Jelly
check out after photo of me after ten days of consumed
Taking daily and I don't forget to play the Snapchat namesherrymy you can follow me from there. After ten days of taking the products, I find that I have go toilet to ease myself for at least three times a day for pass motion. If you have hard time for pass motion, you'll find this good for you because it helps to pass motion too. Sometimes I have hard time to pass motion and glad that this product works for me.

If you have followed on my Facebook Pan Page, you'll know of this as I have share it there. Click on the link to view it. I got earlier and so I have a few days late to up the photos on my fan page.

For best results, drink a glass of water (300ml) with each strip.

For those with medical conditions including pregnancy, consult a physician before taking this food supplement. 

Due to the absence of artificial colors and the use of strictly natural ingredients, taste and color may vary with each batch. This natural occurrence has no effect on quality.

Store in a cool and dry place.

For more information follow Facebook :

Monday, September 12, 2016

Nescafe Gold Blend Barista Machine review

 Last week I attended the InvolveAsia and Nescafe workshop at Bangsar. It's good time to learn about how to use Nescafe Gold Blend Barista Machine.
Enjoy Nescafe Gold Blend coffee moments

Just to let you know that if you like to purchase the barista machine it is available on 14 September 2016, you can shop online at Lazada.
RM239 - Nescafe Gold Blend Barista Machine + 1 Nescafe Gold Blend Jar + 1 Nescafe Gold Blend Refill Pack.

Do take note that the Nescafe Gold Blend barista machine only used for the Nescafe Gold Blend. Being a coffee lover, do you know that Nescafe Gold Blend soluble coffee is distinctive blend of Arabica and Robusta beans. Made of 100% coffee beans and nothing else, carefully selected coffee beans are roasted to develop rich flavours and aromas. The beans are ground, freshly brewed and then freeze-dried to deliver a smooth satisfying cup every time. With the Nescafe Gold barista machine we can now enjoy the rich and smooth pure soluble coffee.

At the event, bloggers get the chance to see the Nescafe Gold Blend barista machine and demo. They have two colors available black and red color of Nescafe Gold Blend barista machine. My favourite would be the one in red as I love red color.

 Now with Nescafe Gold Blend barista machine we can enjoy 5 styles of coffee at one touch. 

  • Latte
  • Espresso
  • Americano
  • Lungo
  • Cappuccino

added full cream milk as want to make cappuccino

Don't worry if you don't know how to make the coffee that you like as the purchase comes with a user manual book. There's instruction on how to make each styles of coffee. You'll need to add skimmed milk or sugar as there's no sugar or milk added in.

Nescafe Gold Blend Barista Machine at One touch for 5 styles of coffee
It's great sipping a cup of coffee while reading or coffee break session with loved ones. If you are thinking of a gift for loved ones that love coffee, why not check out the Nescafe Gold Blend barista machine, it's available on Lazada on 14 September as mentioned above. RM239 - Nescafe Gold Blend Barista Machine + 1 Nescafe Gold Blend Jar + 1 Nescafe Gold Blend Refill Pack. Don't just read here, click on the link now will direct you to the website to shop now.

At the InvolveAsia, workshop bloggers learn about how to use the affiliate code to add in the blog post.

Energizer® Brand Refresh Launch @Sunway Pyramid

Energizer® Brand Refresh Launch f eaturing  from left to right:  Mr  Tan Suang Jak, Channel Director for Modern Trade,  Energizer® Ho...