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Monday, September 26, 2016

Legoland Hotel: Pirate theme room

 It's family at Legoland Hotel, this is my family members first time coming to Legoland Malaysia. They are excited as we are staying in the Pirate theme room, the last time I was here I stayed in Adventure theme you can click on the link to view the room.
It's Spooktacular Fun wtih Legoland Malaysia Brick-or-Treat, you can click the link to view. The entrance of Legoland Hotel, my son spotted the Halloween wall stickers and love to make a pose there.
 The lobby of the Hotel is big and you can find a castle and a pirate ship there. Children have a good time making the best Lego bricks they liked.
A great time for the kids as they will not want to leave the place because they love to make lots of LEGO.
Both of my sons enjoy themselves and taking their time to build any toys they like with LEGO.
The lift we take up has music inside and my boys none stop move their body, this show how much they loved being in Legoland Hotel.

 A family room that you can see kids enjoy to watch animation movie of their choice. There's a sliding door between the master bedroom and the room. You can choose to slide the door if you prefer some privacy.
 It's very cute room as you can see a pirate room theme that we love and enjoy ourselves.
 Love my room as it's pirate, my son has get start to find the answer for the quiz for the treasure.
It's my boys first time to sleep on double decker, my eldest son YS that sleep the upper bunk in the night. His little brother like to sit up there to watch movie.
 The hotel staff is friendly and we called them to check the TV as we not able to turn on the channels. They came and repaired and then the receptionist also give us a called to check if everything is okay.
A quick shower will do for us as we need to go for Halloween Brick-or-Treat
LEGOLAND® Hotel will also be featuring a special Halloween Day & Night Hotel Promotion:

Booking Period: 25 Aug - 30 Oct 2016
Stay Period: 18 Sep - 31 Oct 2016 

What Halloween heroes will get:
* Daily breakfast
* Dinner for 2 adults and up to 3 children below 6 years old (3rd adult or child above 7
years is chargeable at RM95/adult & RM50/child)
* Halloween Brick-Or-Treat Commemorative Brick (one brick per child in room, while
stocks last)
* Day & Night Hotel Halloween activities
my sons spotted this Halloween Brick or Treat

Furthermore, you will be able to enjoy the many exciting activities that will be hosted by the hotel. The Day &a Night Hotel Halloween activities include LEGO® Colouring, Witch Cat Building Speed Challenge, Ghostly Bowling, Three Magic Witches musical performance, Little Chef Pastry Making and lots more.

Don't just read here, you can also follow the updates on Facebook Legoland Malaysia, and visit their website
Unlocked the treasure quest and we've got the Lego toys and stickers.
LEGOLAND Malaysia Halloween Brick or Treat awaiting you to join.
We have a great time at LEGOLAND MALAYSIA.


  1. omg this is so cool! Been to legoland wayyyyy before the hotel was build tho! Wish I can go there again soon!

  2. Hi Nicole Yie, kids thrilled to see the hotel's room. Yeah you can start planning to go again :D

  3. My nephews really love this place. They have been to Legoland so many times now. Would you say the rooms are affordable?

  4. The theme park room is so pretty!! Your kids must have really themselves there =D

  5. So enjoyable to get to stay in the pirate room.. It's really a dream room for everyone! So comfy and nice!

  6. Your kids really did have a wonderful time at Legoland. The theme park and hotel always never fail to bring out the inner child in me.

  7. Hi Nicholas Ng, affordable or not depend on individual.

  8. Hi Kylie, yeah kids dream to stay at Legoland hotel and they make it :D.

  9. Awww~~~~ i wish to go one day leh~~~

  10. I wish I can visit Legoland one day but I think it is not suitable me anymore haha >< But I heard from my nephew say Legoland is fun! Their hotel also looks really cool too!

  11. pirate theme room? wow, not bad, i guess the kids would love it to bits

  12. Awh love the theme for the room plus the decor is really nice too :) Must have been a lovely experience for the family babe <3

  13. this is just so much awesome fun right... hahaha... I know my daughter had a great time pretending to be the pirate in the pirate room

  14. i'm back!, still loving this article :P

  15. Wow, I'm sure every kid will like this pirate themed room, so nice!!

  16. this is so fun. we miss going LEGOLAND. awesome place


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