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Monday, October 24, 2016

ezbuy Malaysia vs Taobao

 Being mommy of two boys, I love fashion, I seldom have time to go shopping. Therefore with Internet access I can shop online from home easily. I can also access my smart phone to visit the website. I found the ezbuy Malaysia to shop online. Many other website online shopping also available like Taobao.

I visited the ezbuy Malaysia and I have register an account there. I prefer to shop online at ezbuy as my Chinese is not good, Taobao website will be tough for shopper who doesn't understand Chinese. ezbuy for me I feel I have better understand there to shop online. 
You can also access from your smart phone to their website to register.

Register and Get FREE RM15 Voucher, first key in your email address, then enter password, follow by enter user id, not to forget your contact number. Then click on SEND OTP for the code to type in.

 I like this as it is hassle free signup for everyone, I can even tell my friends they can just visit the website to sign up there's no charges apply.

ezbuy Malaysia has local customer service but Taobao doen't provide any local customer service.
I have friends with experienced on Taobao that their products purchase online saying their shipping charges are expensive and takes a long time to arrive.

 I love shopping and spotted this cute UFO umbrella, suitable for my son to use as if there's rain, he can use it. It's light and easy to carry. Just visit the website ezbuy and you can find variety of choice and items to shop.
 I also spotted this army style bag, it's 40L backpack which I might want to let my dear know of this. It would be a great gift ideas for loved ones.

Good thing about online shopping with ezbuy Malaysia, they provide variety of shipping methods. As for Taobao unable to ship sensitive products.

 Shopping within budget is available now, I am going to check out the shop under RM30 on fashion apparels, shoes and bags, beauty accessories, and mobile accessories soon.
You know that I love bags, and I saw variety of bags to choose from at the website. By the way, ezbuy Malaysia have the Lowest Shipping Rate @RM4.50/500g and No Agent Fee. Unlike Taobao, shipping charges maybe more and also agent fee may applied.

ezbuy Malaysia provides Prime Service

 My friends and me love online shopping and I love to let my readers know that there will be

 Don't just read here, lets click on the banner to see it for yourself.


  1. Thanks for sharing this new shopping site. I know Taobao but like you, I dont read Chinese and find browsing Taobao hard.

  2. Hi Rose World, yeah this website will be useful for them that prefer in English language.

  3. taobao is king, but i see ezbuy fast catching up. good, more choices for the consumers

  4. I will recommend this too. very easy and convenient to shopping

  5. Dun trust the site, i has very bad experience with this company. The parcel is delayed, stuff overweight, baf customer services

  6. Dun trust this side, is real scam. I has pay for flight cargo but slower than ship cargo

  7. @HO JIN FEI, sad to hear of your experience. Thanks for sharing.


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