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Thursday, October 6, 2016

Handmade Ninja Turtle Costume for my son

my sons costume, Ninja Turtle Costume and Friday Jason
The costumes that my sons are wearing, above you can see. I would say this is handmade sew with love from me, it is request by my son that he wants the Ninja Turtle Costume, he loves this character so much and says that I can do it. I tried my best as there are many tried and error of it and I didn't give up trying. He doesn't want any other costumes and just want this, so I tried my best to make for him.

The first time I make a recycle bag costume for his big bro was in year 2013, time fly you can check out the link to view the costume. Nothing is impossible if you put your head and heart in it also time of looking for the material to create the master piece. Same year also have created a red cape for his big bro to join the costume contest of red devil. 

The material used to create this Ninja Turtle costume are time consuming as it took me few days to complete it. The journey of making takes nights and mornings to do also poking my hands. No pain no gained! 

I am glad he loves it, he won a consolation prize in wearing this costume.
This October is all about Halloween, not sure if there's any costume contest available.


  1. You are awesome mum, Sherry. I never knew how to make a shirt.

    He is so cute in his ninja turtle costume.

  2. Hi Rose World, it's my first time to handmade ninja turtle costume. Glad my son is happy with it :D.

  3. Wow! Creative mommy, handmade costume for your kid... so lovely !!

  4. He is so cute! The costume is awesome :D

  5. thanks Mouse Mommy, he insists to wear that costume so no choice but to make for him. :D

  6. thanks Princess Neverland, glad the costume looks like Ninja Turtle :D

  7. What a cute costume for your son. Was looking for ideas and came across this post.


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