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Thursday, November 24, 2016

Lavigato Awakening Hair Loss Prevention Shampoo

Lavigato Awakening Hair Loss Prevention Shampoo, this bottle is 200ml. Awakening Hair Loss Prevention Shampoo is special designed with SLES free to prevent hair loss by revitalizing dermal papilla cells, supplying energy and nourishing elements, thanks to the natural herbs, thyme and Corn Gluten and vitamin B5.

 Another active herbal ingredient: POLYGALA with the function of decreasing hyper-seborrhea, antioxidant, antibacterial and anti-aging effect. I like the smell of this shampoo, this is energizing and natural action is harmless to hair and scalp.
 How to use this shampoo? Pump adequate amount on your palm, work into wet hair and rinse out. Keep away from your eyes.

I pumped three times because of my hair length. After using the product I also feel my hair soft and easy to manage. I am sure every man and woman would be worry about their hair loss, do you know that the normal hair loss everyday is 50 strands to 100 strands a day. With the hair care product we can take care of hair loss prevention.

You can visit the for more details of the website. The Lavigato Awakening Hair Loss Prevention Shampoo is available on the website at RM112.50.

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  1. I need this, been losing hair recently and I don't know the reason :(

  2. @Ivy, you can check out their website, they are selling online :D

  3. I do have hair loss issue before accident. Really need to check this out since it's a hair loss solution <3

  4. might just check this out as i definitely need this kind of shampoo... lol

  5. I am dealing with severe hair fall everyday, gotta try this!

  6. I am thankful that I have a full grown thick hair , and no problem with hair losses. I will forward this shampoo to my friends, who suffers hair loss. Thanks!

  7. I would say that the price is quite expensive for 200ml. But as long as it work, it would be fine.

    Does it smeel nice?

  8. hoho.. hari2 rambut rontok aka gugur
    50 helai pun dah scary.. not only shampoo kena pakai but food and drink plan water also alert.. tq dear

  9. Sounds like a good shampoo to have. I think even when there is no Hair loss problem it is good to use for prevention

  10. Smell nice? Does it helps for hair loss? I thinking to change shampoo as I have serious hair loss.


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