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Friday, November 11, 2016


speech by Brian May, Managing Director of Tetra Pak Malaysia, Singapore, and Philippines
 Good evening everyone, it's Friday. Happy weekends to everyone, this morning I attended a meaningful event. The event held at Sunway Pyramid, Orange concourse. This is an awareness campaign that Tetra Pak® and Forest Stewardship Council®’s latest campaign urges responsible consumerism among Malaysian.This is good as we can also educate our children to pick the 'The Pack That Grows Back".

Do you know that? Over the years, the increasing demand for paper products has led to a longstanding challenge in forestry conservation. Paper is based on wood, and if managed properly, is actually a great renewable resource that has minimal impact on our climate. In order to meet that growing demand in a sustainable way, forests must be managed responsibly and consumers must be able to make informed choices about the forest products they buy.

The importance of educating Malaysian consumers about renewable packaging and the significance behind the FSC label has prompted Tetra Pak to partner with non-profit organisation, Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) Asia Pacific to launch the The Pack that Grows Back campaign.

Whenever you purchased a drink, do you notice the labels at the side of the packaging?
Mr. Alistair Monument, FSC Asia Pacific Regional Director, giving his opening speech at The Pack That Grows Back event at Sunway Pyramid

The FSC label provides consumers an assurance that the wood and paper products they buy come from responsible sources and have been verified to meet FSC’s strict environmental and social standards. As of 2015, 100% of the paperboard used to produce Tetra Pak cartons comes from FSC-certified and controlled sources.

“We firmly believe that being environmentally responsible is the basis of good business. Together with suppliers, customers and other stakeholders, we are leading the industry in responsible sourcing and working towards 100% renewable packaging. Today, we are calling Malaysians to make responsible purchase decisions by picking the pack that grows back,” said Brian May, Managing Director of Tetra Pak Malaysia, Singapore, and Philippines.

From left to right: Alistair Monument, FSC Asia Pacific Regional Director; Brian may, Managing Director of Tetra Pak Malaysia, Singapore and the Philippines; and Jeffrey Fielkow, Vice President – Environment, Tetra Pak Asia, posing after the launching of the Pack That Grows Back event

The Power of a Label
According to Tetra Pak’s Environment Research Global Report 2015 spanning 6,000 consumers across 12 countries, 39% of consumers look for environmental logos when they shop. More encouragingly, the number of consumers that recognise the FSC logo has increased from 4% in 2013 to 23% in just two years.

The report also stated that 70% of brand influencers declared that environment initiatives had an impact on brand equity, while 62% stated that the FSC logo made their brands more meaningful to consumers.

“To ensure that people know they are choosing cartons which meet the rigorous standards we set to protect the forests that our paperboard comes from, we actively encourage our customers to use the FSC logo in their packaging design. The long-term ambition is to deliver all our cartons with the FSC label,” added May.

Tetra Pak and FSC with the brand owners who are encouraging the use of FSC-labeled packaging

FSC: The Gold Standard for Responsible Forestry
Since its inception in 1993, FSC has fast become the preferred standard for responsible forest management certification because of its credibility and global recognition. It was formed by businesses, environmentalists and community leaders who came together to create a voluntary, market-based approach that would improve forest practices worldwide after the 1992 Earth Summit in Rio failed to produce an agreement to stop deforestation.

Operating in more than 100 markets, FSC ensures forests are responsibly managed and harvested. The FSC label enables businesses and consumers to make informed choices about the forest products they buy and creating positive social and environmental impact by engaging the market at scale. Many governments, corporations and other organisations now specify FSC-certified products in their purchasing policies. As of 2016, over 195 million hectares of forest have been FSC-certified in more than 80 countries around the world and 31,500 companies have been ‘Chain-of-Custody’ certified to allow them to use the FSC labels in the supply chain.

“The FSC logo and on-product labels have become the globally trusted mark for businesses and consumers looking for forest products that benefit people and the environment. Not only can FSC provide ongoing business value, but it also allows companies to take direct action to stop deforestation. It is a privilege to work with sustainability advocates like Tetra Pak to drive demand for responsible forestry practices and increase consumer awareness on the importance of the purchasing choices they make”, said Alistair Monument, FSC Asia Pacific Regional Director.
Students of ISKL getting creative by using used Tetra Pak cartons to make trees
 At the event, there are five activities that you can take part, it's interesting as you can learn about how a Tetra Pak carton is made, the Pack that Grows Back. 
  1. Forest 
  2. Tetra Pak Factory
  3. Beverage Manufacturer
  4. Retail Store
  5. Recycling 
I have taken some photos at the event, you can view from the album, click to view it. 
1st stop with media on 1.Forest

Held at Sunway Pyramid shopping mall, the four-day event was presented in a game format wherein visitors would follow the journey of a Tetra Pak carton from its point of origin in the forest to the stores, and through to the benefits of sustainable carton recycling. Among participating brands that pack their products in Tetra Pak cartons include Ace Canning, Amoy Canning, Dutch Lady, Etika, F&N, Linaco, Marigold, Nestle, Tropicana and Yeo’s.
Students of SK Dato Onn Jaafar with their teacher identifying the FSC tree with a tick logo
 Pick the ‘Tree with a Tick’. Help Protect the World’s Forests
As of April 2016, 200 billion Tetra Pak cartons carry the FSC label in 39 countries around the world, while 100% of all its factories and market companies are FSC Chain-of-Custody certified. FSC-labelled cartons have also been made available in the Malaysian market since 2014.

“As a responsible industry player and the world’s leading food processing and packaging solutions company, Tetra Pak fully supports the FSC label and can provide 100% of its packaging material that is FSC-certified. To identify the FSC label on Tetra Pak cartons, look for the ‘tree with a tick’ logo,” concluded May.

If you do not have any plan on this weekend? Why not check out this meaningful event with family and friends. It's suitable for children too, let's guide them to pick 'The Pack That Grows Back'.
The Pack that Grows Back campaign runs from 10-13 November 2016 at the Orange Concourse in Sunway Pyramid shopping mall from 10.00am to 10.00pm. 
For more information, please visit

Tetra Pak is the world's leading food processing and packaging solutions company. Working closely with our customers and suppliers, we provide safe, innovative and environmentally sound products that each day meet the needs of hundreds of millions of people in more than 170 countries around the world. With more than 23,000 employees based in over 80 countries, we believe in responsible industry leadership and a sustainable approach to business. Our motto, “PROTECTS WHAT’S GOOD™," reflects our vision to make food safe and available, everywhere.
More information about Tetra Pak is available at

FSC is a global, not-for-profit organisation dedicated to promoting responsible forest management worldwide and safeguarding forests for future generations. FSC is a multi-stakeholder, membership organisation with three chambers -- environmental, economic, and social -- to ensure balance and the highest level of integrity. Together these diverse voices define best practices for forestry, the FSC Principles and Criteria - the highest standards for forest management which are environmentally appropriate, socially beneficial and economically viable. FSC certification ensures that FSC labelled products come from well managed forests and verifies this all along the supply chain.
More information about FSC is available at


  1. Great event to teach my boy in go green and knowing the process of Tetra Pak. Surely joining to learn! Thank you.

  2. Thanks so much for the info. Now definitely gonna start looking at the labels before buying, I also want to contribute in preserving the environment for the future generations.

  3. Nice event from Tetra Pak. So much to learn from there

  4. i agree we should pick the pack that grow back.. something that is environmental friendly...

  5. Thanks for this in-depth info. I never gave it a thought, previously, I am ashamed to admit. Will look out for FSC on drink/food boxes moving forward.


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