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Monday, December 19, 2016


The LEGOLAND® Malaysia Resort Police costume character joining the kids in the ward in a sing and dance activity.
 LEGOLAND® Malaysia Resort and LEGO® Malaysia teamed up to bring its awesome brand of fun and play to children in the pediatric ward in Hospital Sultan Ismail, Johor. The kids of the palliative care unit at the pediatric ward – a special unit for kids suffering from serious illnesses – were treated to awesome, fun-filled LEGO® activities that were meant to stimulate their imaginations through play. These kids, who are not allowed to go home during the holiday seasons, received the ultimate holiday treat, as they were treated to building and colouring activities, singing and dancing performances and a special appearance by LEGO® Police costume character. 

Starting the visit with the LEGO® building activity, the children were challenged to a speed building activity where they were all given a LEGO® Christmas Set. The first five kids whom completed the activity won LEGO® sets and LEGOLAND® Malaysia Resort merchandise. Following the building activity, the children got to express their imagination through the colouring activity. Aside from the building and colouring activities, the children had fun decorating their very own jelly based on their creativity using healthy fruits. Both LEGOLAND® Malaysia Resort and LEGO® Malaysia worked hand-in-hand to sponsor various LEGO® sets and LEGOLAND® Malaysia Resort merchandise for the kids’ play area for them to continue building their imagination. The day was ended with various goodies, sponsored by LEGO® Malaysia and LEGOLAND® Malaysia Resort, were handed to all the children to enjoy.

Casper Bonavent, Director of Operations, LEGOLAND® Malaysia Resort (left) sharing a light moment with a young boy in the ward while gifting him a LEGO® gift set.
  “At LEGOLAND® Malaysia Resort, we believe deeply that every kid deserves the right to play, and grow through play. This holiday season we wanted the children to have a great time and fully explore their imaginations through play even though they are unable to spend the holidays at home. We wanted them to forget their illness and just be kids once again, with no worries about treatment and pain. We felt compelled to bring the fun to them,” said Young Pil-Kim, General Manager (Interim) at LEGOLAND® Malaysia Resort.

“We’re proud to have done this with like-minded partners in LEGO® Malaysia. Some say there is kind of a healing quality in laughter. Beyond the smiles and laughter that the kids experienced here today, it is our sincere hope that the awesome fun and games today brings them closer to their family and their imaginations. They could not visit us in LEGOLAND® Malaysia Resort so we brought LEGOLAND® Malaysia Resort to them. It is after all the Merlin Magic Wand’s spirit,” Young concluded.

 More photos can be seen at my Facebook Fan page album, click on the link to view.
Dr. Mahendra Raj, Director of Health and Safety, LEGOLAND® Malaysia Resort (4th from right) and Casper Bonavent, Director of Operations, LEGOLAND® Malaysia Resort (5th from right) capturing a moment with the Model Citizens and 30 kids from the pediatric ward of Hospital Sultan Ismail.


  1. done follow here.. omaigodd seronooknyaa sherryyyyyy

  2. That is the spirit. Sharing the love and joy.

  3. a big respect for legoland's staffs for doing these! i can see happy the kids are! :)

  4. Great CSR ! Thank you to Legoland ! Keep it up the good work & contributions!

  5. Awh what a nice initiative from the staff - the kids must be so happy too :)


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