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Monday, December 5, 2016

Promotional Goods That Work: Build Your Brand Right

Building a business can be incredibly difficult. If you’re starting with a limited budget, you might feel a bit like there’s no way you can grow to the size of some of your bigger competitors. The truth is you can – if you’re smart and diligent about how you do it.

Increasing your company profile and taking all types of work, from small projects to big ones, can really help. Social media and blog posts also mean a whole lot in this digital age. There’s more to it than that though.

Sometimes the good old tried and true promotional tactic can really work well. For most companies, that’s going to mean promotional items that are given away for free. Whether you’re selling a product or service, utilizing promotional items can work well.

Read this guide to learn more about the best types of promotional items and how you can really make them work for your company.

Coffee Mugs

When you work with clients regularly, or offer a service that you’ll repeat every six months of year, promotional items that get used often can keep you in the customer’s mind. For example, if you do AC repair and maintenance, a coffee mug in the cabinet will help them remember you.

You may also find that more clients schedule service without you having to send reminders or make phone calls when you provide useful promotional gifts. Of course, items like coffee mugs only work on existing clients since they can only be given out in person.


Like coffee mugs, calendars are a great way to stay in touch with your customers almost every single day. If you send a useful calendar, you might even have people taking them to work or sharing them with family.

What’s ideal about calendars is that you can generally mail them or leave them on doorsteps to contact individuals in your area, even if they’ve never worked with you before. You won’t be able to mail coffee mugs in a cost-effective fashion.


The t-shirt might be the ultimate promotional tool since it can be worn by a customer and seen by others around town. Look to buy a group of women’s and mens tshirts wholesale and then have your logo or slogan put on the shirt.

By doing this you’ll save money and have a large supply.


  1. I printed quite a few of t-shirts for my blog. I love them so much that I ended up keeping them all for myself. HAHAHA

  2. great tips ! yup sometime we need a goods as our promotional so that people we always remember the brands

  3. The calendar always works! Especially the stand up calendar, that I'll always need every year to put on the table. Good post Sherry.

  4. Yeah, I think all of them works, because we all need them hehehe, thanks for ur great sharing!

  5. This is very new to me. Thank you so much for the tips sharing <3

  6. yeah... good idea... i will keep in mind when decide to start my own business... huhuhu

  7. I always felt like calendars would be the best way to go about branding yourself..

  8. Cool tips...It is very important to build your brand image.


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