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Monday, June 6, 2016

Top 3 Methods of Creating a (90?) Quadrature Phase Shift

The key to IQ mixers and their possible applications and underpinnings as a phase modulator and phase detector is the quadrature phase shift, for the IF and LO side for a single sideband mixer or an image reject, and at the LO side for an IQ mixer. When talking about the quadrature phase shift, it’s important to keep in mind that a time shift is not the same as a phase shift. In the area of RF, optics and microwaves, this is probably one of the most difficult concepts to grasp. Creating more useful and flexible quadrature phase shifts can help reach the goal of an ideal single sideband mixer/image reject/broadband IQ, and can be achieved by the use of different techniques.

The following techniques are ranked from worst to best, with quality being defined as amplitude and phase balance besting bandwidth. The correct technique for your application depends on whether you are trying to make a radar scanner, designing a communications chip for a cell phone, or building a demonstration system in your lab.

3: Lange Coupler
Pros: Compatible with MMIC, quasi-planar, wideband
Cons: Low power handling, requires air bridge or wire bonds, more complicated to design

The most commonly used device employed in balanced technologies such as MMIC balanced amplifiers is the Lange coupler is the most common device used in MMIC balanced amplifiers and other balanced technologies. Generally, unless gaps between the two edge-coupled micro-strip lines are small, planar couplers are very weakly coupled. However, if you are working with quasi-two dimensional structures, the Lange coupler is a great choice overall.

2: Digital Phase Splitter
Pro: Excellent amplitude and phase balance, ultra-broadband
Con: Low power, requires 2x LO frequency, no analog mode

It is hard to top a digital phase splitter in your quest for a perfect quadrature phase shift. While this is not a very good quadrature splitter device in general, it works well to create an LO drive for an IQ mixer, which is used frequently for LO clock generation with low frequency silicon RFICs.

1: 3 dB Quadrature Hybrid Coupler
Pros: High power handling, phase and amplitude balance, multi-octave bandwidth, suitable for data
Cons: Difficult to design and fabricate, difficult to integrate, large

A hybrid combiner like Werlatone's Broadband 3 dB High Power 90 Degree Hybrid Coupler is the gold standard for quadrature signal generation. It ca be used on a single sideband mixer or on the data side of an image rejects in order to achieve a better than 20sB rejection, it has excellent balance in both phase and amplitude, and can operate across broad bandwidths such as 2 to 26 GHz. An added benefit is that they can handle 20 watts of CW power or more, due to their construction.

Transformers Combiner Wars Menasor

This June School Holidays has been a fantastic one for my son, he is 10 years old and he's going to share with you on unboxing Transformers Combiner Wars Collection, with him is the Combiner Wars Menasor.

I am there to help him with this video and though he is first time doing it on toys, he loves it.

He needs my help as well as he has shorter nails so he needs my nails to help him on certain part of the figures.

It's indeed bonding time for mother and son too.


KIX HD’S R U Tough Enough Crowns Benny Yeoh as Malaysia’s Toughest

R U Tough Enough brand ambassadors Linora Low and Keith Foo

Last Saturday, the Malaysia's Toughest to win RM30,000, has come to an end. KIX HD (Astro Ch. 729), the ultimate destination for action entertainment, finally crowned the victor of R U Tough Enough? Man Versus Woman Edition, the nationwide search for Malaysia’s Toughest. Ten contestants had to go through a series of physically demanding and emotionally enduring challenges, to determine who is the tougher gender. Benny Yeoh from #TeamKeith successfully defeated nine other contestants in the toughest gender battle of 2016, and walked away with the coveted title of “Malaysia’s Toughest” and a grand prize of RM30,000.

The response to R U Tough Enough? Man Versus Woman Edition this year has been overwhelming. It is exciting, I saw many people surrounded the orange concourse, Sunway Pyramid to see the actions.
Coupled with two brand new ambassadors, fitness enthusiast, Linora Low, and movie star, Keith Foo, R U Tough Enough? 2016 has doubled the applications from last year. Only five female contestants representing #TeamLinora and five male contestants representing #TeamKeith equipped with the physical, mental and emotional strength were selected to take on the final showdown.
At the final showdown on Saturday #TeamLinora and #TeamKeith had to compete among themselves in a 6-stage obstacle course at the Orange Concourse in Sunway Pyramid. The Toughest Woman from #TeamLinora and the Toughest Man from #TeamKeith then went head-to-head in the final round of challenges to determine who will be Malaysia’s Toughest.

The crowd cheered wildly as Benny Yeoh from #TeamKeith was declared “Malaysia’s Toughest”. Speaking after the final showdown, Benny said, “I believe that toughness isn’t defined by gender or physical strength, but it is about how strong you can hold on and persevere till you get to the finish line. Trust me, it was not easy, especially with such powerful and strong contenders from #TeamLinora present on today
to provide the challenge of a lifetime.”
 Some excitement on the day that we can hear the crowd cheering, kids please don't try this at home.
Dayang from #TeamLinora

Lily from Team Linora

Nash from Team Keith

Perima from Team Linora scales the cage at the speed of light

Suphasan from Team Keith carries half his weight effortlessly
If you like to view more photos, click on my Facebook's Page link, Like my page to follow updates.
Linora leads Team Linora through spirit lifting cheers
R U Tough Enough? ambassador, Linora Low shared, “I am so impressed with the finalists competing at the final showdown today, especially those on my team. They have stepped up at the competition and are unafraid to challenge gender stereotypes. It is also very encouraging to see more female applicants signing up for this year’s R U Tough Enough? I hope to see more women toughen up and take charge in creating a difference in their lives.”

“R U Tough Enough? this year is more than just proving which gender is tougher. In fact I am honoured to stand alongside the competing contestants today who showed me the meaning of toughness by displaying a fantastic combined feat of physical strength, mental endurance and emotional resilience,” said Keith Foo, R U Tough Enough? ambassador.
“KIX HD provides non-stop action entertainment to our viewers every day but today, we see these stories and characters come to life at the R U Tough Enough? final showdown. The ten finalists have shown that regardless of your background, gender and age, one can overcome any life’s challenges with grit and willpower. Through R U Tough Enough?, we are privileged to be able to share these inspiring stories of everyday heroes with our viewers.” said Shirley Cheong, Director of Marketing at Celestial Tiger Entertainment, Hong Kong.

It's great experience to see how the participants take part in these toughest challenge and you know it nothing is impossible unless you work for it. 

Present at the final showdown was also ambassadors, Keith Foo and Linora Low, who handed the cash
prize of RM30,000 to Benny Yeoh.

R U Tough Enough? is brought to you by Watsons, co-sponsored by Fisherman’s Friend, the official healthcare provider KPJ Healthcare Berhad and official fitness partner Celebrity Fitness with the official partner Astro and venue partner Sunway Pyramid.

#TeamKeith Wins Over #TeamLinora At The Toughest Gender Battle Of 2016

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