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Friday, November 18, 2016

Dining at Sanook Sunway Pyramid Hotel West

Where to find a great place to dine for Thai food and Japanese food? First I like to ask did you know that in Thai, Sanook means fun, lets make it fun and more fun together then with family or friends! Think no more, step into Sanook where you can satisfy for your Thai and Japanese craving altogether.

Sanook is where you can dine for Thai and Japanese cuisine. If you like Thai and Japanese and love spicy food, do check out Sanook. No worry that you going to get lost getting there, you can ask the concierge. 

Sanook Punch, fruit punch RM15.90

Thai Milky Ice Tea RM10.90

On the left is Thai Pandan Honey RM10.90, right is Thai Lemongrass Honey RM10.90
Sanook Salad RM30
Yummylicious salad Japanese cucumber wrapped salmon, Avocado and Baked Apple. A healthy appetizer for a good start.
Thai Coconut Soup RM16.90
I love the creamy Thai coconut soup that comes with bit of spicy. First time trying out the soup that used Thai coconut milk, the soup also has chicken wanton.
Crispy Soft Shell Crab w Thai Mango Chili Sauce RM33.90
Give a try on this Sushi Burger, the burger made of Sushi Rice and sandwiched the crispy soft shell crab. The side sauces are Thai Chili Mango and Wasabi Sauce. Surprisingly the Wasabi Sauce has blended with mayonese so it is not too strong. This is good for those that didn't like strong Wasabi taste.
Chicken w Massaman Sauce RM33

Salmon Belly w Lime Chili Sauce RM39.90

 Dining at Sanook, you wouldn't want to miss out trying the Skewered. Eat and dine with friends or family members to try what's on the menu of Sanook. The meals we have here are just here for four of us.
Fresh Salmon w Spicy Miso Cream Sauce RM28.90
I like the Fresh Salmon w Spicy Miso Cream Sauce just nice to eat and if I am having lunch alone I don't mind just ordering this or Pan Fried Tuna Steak w Spinach and Mixed Served Teriyaki Sauce.
Pan Fried Tuna Steak w Spinach and Mixed Served Teriyaki Sauce RM29
I like the Pan Fried Tuna Steak w Spinach and Mixed Served Teriyaki Sauce so yummy at each bite. You can choose to match this with a bowl of rice if you prefer having rice during your meal.

The Tom Yam Soup w River Prawn has medium spicy that I can still bear with.
Tom Yam Soup w River Prawn RM24
Thai Volcano RM16.90

Having the Thai Volcano alone would be too much, you can share this with two to three friends.
It consists of Thai Milk Tea, bread, black pearl, good time to have a good chilled under the hot weather of Malaysia.
Delicious meal at Sanook
Now you know where to dine the Thai-Japanese cuisine. They have indoor and outdoor seating area. Sanook Thai-Japanese Restaurant. It is located at Sunway Pyramid West Hotel, Lot 4 Ground Floor, Sunway Pyramid West Hotel, Jalan PJS11/ 15 Bandar Sunway, 47500 Petaling Jaya, Selangor. Tel: 03-5660 5196.

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