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Thursday, January 12, 2017

Premier Clinic: Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) Hair Transplant

Hairline has been drawn by Dr. Jasmine Chew
Last month, my friend Vincent has visited Premier Clinic, his 1st time went on 10 December is for consultation. Followed by next visit on 13 December where the process of Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) being doing at the Premier Clinic at TTDI, Damansara. Dr. Jasmine Chew has obtained her medical degree (MD) from Kursh State Medical University. You can find her detailed on premier clinic website.

FUE is the new revolution treatment for hair loss problem. This is a minor surgical procedure used by Premier Clinic with minimal invasive and uses a small tool which does not cause any linear scarring. The hair used from own body hair for the procedure and most important is the procedure do not need any stitches. The hair body of chosen from a "donor area" to be transplanted to the area suffering from bald spots or hair thinning.
 After cleansing/sanitize follow by the injection.

Vincent was given the anesthetic injection before the extraction and before the transplant. The hair transplant is RM18 per graft.
Photo of after extraction follicular
 The extract session on 13 December 2016, 11.30am to 2.30pm. Dr. Jasmine Chew and her assistant Siti helped with the extraction. The assistant Siti has told Vincent and his wife that she just joined the clinic and previously have years of experienced in pastiche surgery and transplant. Dr. Kee has come for about half an hour for transplanting the follicle. The transplant session was on the same day at 3.30pm to 7.30pm. As you can see it took a whole day for the procedure.

The follicular extracted about 700 graft but only 500 graft has been implanted to front scalp of head.

after the transplant
 Vincent has revisited the Premier Clinic on 14 December 2016.
Vincent has paid RM1873 for the medicine, shampoo and tonic.
CVP Shampoo RM180
CVP Spray RM300
Follisyte RM653
Monoxidi RM390
Zinc orotate RM350
Photo taken in January
 As you can see the photos, now is almost fully recovered. Now you see the before and after of the FUE procedure. The whole procedure Vincent's wife was with her. Vincent had payment deposit for hair stem cell the next appointment will be on 27 January.
the recovering pic of Vincent hair
If you have interest for the (FUE) you can also find Premier Clinic at Facebook.


  1. Oh wow this guy really brave to do hair transplant! BTW the final result of this transplant really amazing!

  2. Looks so scary... But if it really works.. It'll be great for many bold ppl..

  3. wow...good news for people who hairless!! but looks like abit scary!!

  4. he is soo brave! Oh my, but his hair looks great now :) Good job!

  5. omg look scary on it! luckily it is work

  6. This is my first time know about hair transplant! Looks abit scary and geli to me but is good to know and understand more about this =D

  7. Ouch! this looks so painful. But I believe the end result would be definitely worth the time, pain and money spent.

  8. it painful? cause it look so scary to me.

  9. Impressive with the technology. Can see Vincent hair growing. Good for him.

  10. Omg. I looks so scary. Does it pain? Too painful or bearable?

  11. @Zayani Zulkiffli, anesthetic injection was given.

  12. OMG looks scary TT but then it's a great treatment to helps those will hair loss issues

  13. Wow~ Seem it is really working. But the injection part scare me. =x

  14. thanks for sharing this. i'm sure a lot of them will find this useful!

  15. Omg, it looks really painful but wonderful that this works.

  16. wow~~ really got difference ! should let my friend who has scalp problem~


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