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Friday, February 10, 2017

Meet & Greet Ben Amir @Launch of GO-S health product

On February 8, 2017, it is the day where history has made where Farbel Sdn Bhd has the launch of GO-S health product and meet & greet with Ben Amir (actor of Suri Hari Mr Pilot). This launched has invited media and bloggers to attend, it was held at VVIP Lounge at SS15, Subang Jaya.

Ben Amir, his full name is Muhammad Amir Sabaruddin is one of the actor in category of actors. He played the roles of Muslim Doctor in the drama of Suri Hati Mr Pilot. It's my first time to meet him in person and he's friendly. He's been acting for 5 years, Ben has joined the Hero Remja in 2011/2012 with Fattah Amin and Saharul Ridzwan, at the moment attracted the caught attention of TV stations.
At the event we get to drink the GO-S health product, it is a slimming product made in Malaysia. Ben Amir is the Co-Founder of GO-S health product and Datin Farrah is the Founder of GO-S.
Go Slim Go Sihat with GO-S left: Datin Farrah, right: Ben Amir

sharing session by Ben Amir and Datin Farrah 
Sharing session where Ben Amir says that Datin Farrah they knew each other and they are good friends. The product has go through tight process of processing before it is launched. Process R&D with GO-S starts on June last year and product was produced on September 2016. GO-S has not be name until last year, the product has been tested users and used by his family to know the result and testimonial.The idea of creating the product stats from where Ben visited Datin Farrah Razali when he found out that she has delivered a baby. Ben find that Farrah didn't put on weight during the confinement and asks her how she do it. She shares her secrets with him from there he at the same time thinking to create a health product.

Both Ben Amir & Datin Farrah with the same idea of coming up with the health product for slimming and wellness. Together they combine their ideas and creates the GO-S it is a non chemical used and 100% Sugar Free, natural ingredients was used which make this product suitable for man and woman.

Farrah and Ben wanted to help everyone doesn't matter what roles you plan in life, house wife, workers or part time workers. They wanted to help raise the standard of living of them to live healthy. Their factory ranking GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) and OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturing) be passed by KKM altogether.

Ribbon cutting for the launch of GO-S product with VVIPs.
The GO-S health product has 20 sachets in a box, the tagline of the Go Slim Go Sihat. Sihat is Malay means healthy. So when you think of go Slim think of GO-S.

Benefits of GO-S:
  • Gives energy all day long and increase the body metabolism
  • Helps in the digestive system 
  • Maintain the ideal body shape
  • Removes toxic and cholesterol from body
  • Control sugar level in the body
  • Fight cancer disease
  • Helps blood circulation
  • Remove the wind from body
Main Ingredients of GO-S product
  • Citrus Lemon
  • Acai Berry
  • Delima
  • Green Tea
  • Roselle
  • Tumeric
I tried the drink and it helps me with my digestive system. I am multi tasking mom, I find that I am tired always and glad after taking the drink I am feeling energetic and it helps reduce heat from body too. The taste bit and sour, don't worry it is not very sweet. It doesn't taste horrible. and didn't make my stomach pain. This is suitable for man and woman to drink. Safe for breastfeeding mom too.
One sachet a day with GO-S
How to take this drink? 
Just a sachet a day.
Pour the sachet into the cup then add on water to stir. I preferred to drink warm so I have added warm water to stir it well and drink.
The GO-S product is made in Malaysia.
GO-S health product
If you have interest to purchase or knows more about the GO-S product, please visit website or instagram @go_S_hq and Facebook go S hq

*Results depends on individual as not everyone the same. You can view the Facebook link above for testimonials.


  1. sounds interesting dear, maybe I can try :D

  2. I definitely need this...ehheheh and on the side note, he is one handsome man

  3. from the ingredient i believe it good for detox too right?

  4. It honestly sounds delicious. AHHH. detox drinks are in trend lately i noticed?

  5. thanks for sharing.. I could try for detox ! :)

  6. Hello sherry! heheee.. tasty supplements indeed.


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