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Saturday, June 3, 2017

Learning the Basics of a Time Honored Activity

Before video games and computers were invented, people created activities to keep themselves amused.  These games allowed people to have fun with friends and family members while also spending time in warm and sunny weather.

When you want to bring back the appeal and enjoyment of games that people decades ago played, you may want to learn more activities like horseshoes, the official cornhole game, and other pastimes that people used to indulge in before the advent of technology.  You can discover the rules, layout, and other details about it by going online now.

The Rules and Setup of Cornhole

The cornhole toss game may also be called bean bag toss, tailgate toss, baggo, or simply bags depending on where you live.  It is a popular game because it is simple for people of all ages to play and easy to win points in without being overly competitive.

To play the game, you have to set up the board on a flat surface.  The board itself comprises of several different holes, all of which are worth various points.  You determine the point value of each hole on the game board.

As its name implies, you toss the bean bags into the holes on the board.  You aim for the holes with the higher point values but can also make up your score by aiming for and hitting the holes with lesser points as well.  Whoever has the most points at the end of the game wins.
check out the website by click on the link for detail, photo credit to

Making the Board and Bags

If you want to make your own cornhole toss game, it is important that you know the dimensions and layout of the board.  The website tells you how large the board must be.  You can use the measurements to cut out and put together a board that fits those requirements.

You can also use the information to make bean bags that you can use to play the game.  The bags should be light enough to throw yet weighted enough to ensure that they hit their targets.  The website tells you how to put the bags together.

Old-fashioned games can be the highlight of any outdoor picnic or gathering.  You do not need to rely on technology to keep everyone amused.  You can use games that people have enjoyed for decades.  The website tells you how to get started and what rules to follow when playing.

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