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Saturday, September 16, 2017

16 September 2017

It's a busy Saturday, yeah early morning 5.30am I am awake then called the kids up at 6am. By 6.30am to be ready to go Cold Storage Kids Grow & Glow Run. It's first time Cold Storage have this event and kids have a good time at the event. Our first time to One Park too. Happy that my dear not working the day as he bring us along to go. One Park is just opposite One Utama Shopping Centre. Just park inside the mall and walk out there's the park. My dear knows where to park and he parked basement of GSC Cinema. I forgot to take the bag which I have packed the clothing inside to the car. I took the shoes bag and the food bag but not the clothes in bag that I plan that we changed before head to next shopping mall. Well since I left it at home and the event in morning ended early so I suggest to go home first. Sis-in-law and nephew are at home, we also bought food for them.

The morning start with 9yrs old to 12 yrs old fun run and three Challenge for each category.

Challenge 1: Master Your Balancing Act
Challenge 2: Conquer The Height
Challenge 3: Choose your Destiny.

Anyway my children love all the challenges especially little one, he went twice for the Challenge 1. He loves it and he's so happy just watch the 1st video above. It's a nice park to walked, some people bring their pet dog at the parked for a walk. The participants of the Cold Storage are all wearing the shirts, the children will have tags on their hand. The tag will be cut and remove for redemption of medal and goodie bag. The goodie bag with mineral water and voucher to redeem rest of goodie, need to go one by one of the booth to queue up for redemption. Some fun games available and others. The park has a lake that we can see turtles inside. So fun that we plan to go again next year! Good family time together and it's priceless bonding moments with loved ones.

It's a long day indeed for us. After the event at about 1015am we left and dear went to buy food while we waited in the car in Damansara. Then we headed home, shower then eat and then we are out again for Jalan Jalan Japan at 1 Shamelin Mall. The 1 Shamelin Mall is not near us, thanks to dear that drive and we followed the waze to reach there. The parking at 1 Shamelin Mall is RM2 per entry. Event starts from 12noon to 3pm for Jalan Jalan Japan. Well look out as will blog it soon as Jalan Jalan Japan will be opened to public from 30 September 2017.

Last night not a good sleep for me as I drank coffee in the night. I ordered the Milk Tea but the ordered came Coffee Milk and I drank it. 

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